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4 Mountain Bike tests to release spring this weekend

4 Mountain Bike tests to release spring this weekend

MTB biker Spring has arrived! And with it the good weather and the desire to enjoy even more mountain cycling. It is precisely at this time when the BTT test calendar intensifies throughout the Spanish geography. If you are looking for a test to go out with your bicycle this weekend, here are four options:

Chiva BTT march (Valencia)

In the Valencian town of Chiva, located at the foot of the mountain, the IV edition of the Chiva BTT march. It is a 38 -kilometer test that takes place through a moderate technical demand route and 886 meters of unevenness. The route can be consulted from Wikiloc. Registrations are open, they can be done until the same day of the test and for € 1 more contributes to a solidarity cause. This march is part of the MTB Valencia 2017 circuit, which consists of a total of six tests of which this is the last. This circuit began on January 15 in Marines and has passed through Casinos, Benisanó, Pedralba and Sagunto before taking the departure this Sunday, March 26 in Chiva.

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Cauliflower march in Griñón (Madrid)

The march of cauliflower is the first test of the Scott 7 stars circuit in the Community of Madrid. It is expected that more than 1,000 runners participate in it between the two modalities of the test: a short gear of 30 kilometers and a longer and longer one of 55 kilometers. The route crosses clues, pine forests and channels of streams and streams with almost 700 meters of slope accumulated in the southern part of Madrid, through the places of Moral de Enmedio, Serranillos, Batres and Arroyomolinos. As a curiosity, this test owes its name to the characteristic cauliflower crops of the Madrid municipality of Griñón. Mountain cyclist

Enduro Fun Festival (Madrid)

The first spring weekend also involves the celebration of the first stage of the Enduro Fun Festival, a circuit of three tests that take place through the Sierra Norte of the Community of Madrid. Specifically, this Sunday will take the departure in the park of La Tejera de Moralzarzal. This race is an initiation test to the enduro. It consists of three chronometer with their corresponding links and a length of 20 kilometers with 1,000 meters of positive slope. To give the event greater emotion, the organization will not publish the tour up to 24 hours before the start of the first corridor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrvxcNkbSHQ

Route BTT Titan 5 thousand Sierra de Tentudía (Badajoz)

To the south of the province of Badajoz, next to the Sierra de Aracena Park, the mountain massif of the Sierra de Tentudía rises, with dimensions that exceed 1,000 meters. There will take place this weekend BTT TITAN ROUTE 5 thousand, which consists of two categories: half marathon and marathon that are part of the Open of Extremadura. The first one is the Skoda Media Marathon Grand Prize Source of Motor Songs. They are 50 kilometers with more than 2,700 meters of accumulated unevenness for which there is a category where fat-bikes can compete. The departure will be on Sunday, March 26 in the Pacense town La Vaca. The second is the BTT Marathon Titan 5 thousand Grand Prix Grupo Leo, which is celebrated the same day from the same town. On this occasion the distance is 85 kilometers. The tour will crown by the first time by bicycle Bonales, the highest summit in the province of Huelva (1,059 meters). In total there will be three peaks of more than 1,000 meters of altitude that participants must amount. Mountain biking
All the Bikers that participate in each of these tests will receive a gift from Tuvalum in the corridor bag;)
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