An EMTB icon, the Haibike brand, is the reference in the sector thanks to its high quality bicycles and benefits. In Tuvalum you can get your bike Haibike reconditioned at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Best security and warranty guaranteed on each bicycle

Each bicycle we sell is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And the bike has a 12 months warranty.

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Haibike bicycles, what are special?

Haibike has established himself as one of the referents of electric bicycles. Despite being a relatively young brand, it has established a reputation for its high -quality German craft and design that captivates all cycling lovers. Each bicycle Haibike exemplifies robustness, versatility and high performance capabilities. Their bicycles, particularly e-bikes, come with avant-garde technology that ensures a pleasant, efficient and safe driving experience. The brand emphasizes the integration of components and design, resulting in aesthetically attractive and mechanically solid products.

In addition, Haibike is always at the forefront of the development of new technologies and cycling improvements, providing cyclists to improve both performance and safety. For these reasons, Haibike is presented as an excellent option for those looking for a lasting and high quality bicycle.

History and origin of Haibike bicycles

The German brand, Haibike, was founded in 1995 by Susanne and Felix Puello. The company initially focused on conventional bicycles, but introduced its first e-bike in 2010, which marked the start of its success history and the EMTB boom. Haibike's innovative spirit became evident when they introduced the first EMTB with 29 "wheels, revolutionizing the e-biking scene.

The company further consolidated its reputation as a leader in E-Bikes innovation with the launch of the XDuro and Sduro series. The XDuro series, launched in 2010, was one of the first to incorporate an engine into a mountain bike, establishing a new standard in the industry. The Sduro series continued in 2014, demonstrating Haibike's commitment to versatility and expanding the range of electric bicycles. Haibike's continuous growth and innovation have helped shape the landscape of modern e-biking, making them a key actor in the industry.

Haibike bicycle range

As for E-MTB, Haibike offers a range of high performance models, such as the Sduro electric mountain bike. With their soft filming, they provide an excellent cycling experience with an attractive quality/price ratio.

Haibike Nduro has 180mm travel and an optimized geometry for descents. This enduro model is built to provide a comfortable trip even in the most complicated descents.

Finally, within the All-Mountain range, we find the Haibike Allmtn model of total suspension. With it you can overcome narrow technical paths thanks to its agility, and it will also help you conquer the highest hills thanks to the assistance of its powerful engine.

Advantages of buying a reconditioned Haibike bicycle

Buying a reconditioned bicycle is an excellent option fundamentally for three reasons:

The first is economic savings. Buying a second -hand bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum you get a saving between 20% and up to 60% compared to its new price.

The second reason is mechanical certification. You can buy a second -hand Haibike bicycle to an individual, but most websites and apps of used products do not offer any guarantee about the state of the items that sell and you have to trust that a stranger does not sell you a bicycle with hidden damage . In Tuvalum all bicycles are reviewed and reconditioned by our mechanical team with 1 year mechanical guarantee and with 18 -month repurchase guarantee. In addition, our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles.

Another weight of weight to buy a reconditioned Haibike bicycle is its sustainable impact. Being a bicycle that has already been manufactured, you save the environmental footprint that would generate a new bicycle. Did you know that manufacturing a bicycle generates a carbon footprint of 300 kilos of CO2?