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Routes to go by mountain bike on the Balearic Islands

Routes to go by mountain bike on the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are another first level cycling destination. Its island set offers the cyclist a multitude of route options, well of high mountain, streams, plains or coast. The landscapes it offers are incredible and can also be done almost at any time of the year, due to their good climate and soft temperatures. We propose medium and high, fun and entertaining routes, but also with a lot of wear. We also include the stages challenge of Camí de Cavalls, in Menorca. An old military route that the island authorities have recovered as a tourist promotion through the bicycle.

ARTÁ - Peninsula de Llent

The Natural Park of the Peninsula de Llent is a reserve of special beauty that combines mount, forest and landscape of Costa Mallorquina. We cross it on this route with departure and arrival in Artà, to the northeast of the island. Track and trails down to the coast in the middle section of the route will be the usual land we will find. The descent to L'Arenalet des Verger has one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea throughout the island of Mallorca. The route is not very difficult and only has two importance of importance, even if you short.

Sierra de Tramuntana

This route runs through the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, in the northwest of Mallorca. With departure and arrival in Sóller, 20 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca, we visited enclaves of great landscape interest such as the viewpoint of Ses Barques, the surroundings of the Puig Major - the highest point of the island (1,445 m) - or the reservoirs of Gorg Blau and Cuber, where it is forced to make a stop to admire the landscape and take some photos. The route is difficult, since an incursion is made through the highest area of ​​the island by saving an uneven 2,576 meters in just 48 kilometers. Some of the sections are made by road. It is necessary to have a good physical form, be well provided with water and food and have a good bicycle handling. You will have to book a whole morning to complete the tour.

Route through the coves of Ibiza

A short but beauty tour around the city of Ibiza. The itinerary is marked for the practice of cycotourism, with tracks and trails that travel the interior area of ​​the torrent des jondal to lower later in the southern direction to the beach of the Jondal and the coves of Bold Nou, where we can admire some of the landscapes of most beautiful coast of the White Island. After rolling parallel to the coast you have to return to the city of Ibiza along the airport road. An affordable route, full of stretchs of funny trails and of great landscape value.

Camí de Cavalls stages

Balearic Islands is not just a priority holiday destination, but also cyclist. And Menorca one of its most attractive islands. In recent years the island authorities and private initiatives have joined forces to promote the itineraries of the Camí de Cavalls among mountain cycle pathists and hikers. Touring the Camp of Cavalls by mountain bike is one of the cycling experiences that we recommend you. In this case we propose a four -stage tour around the island through the old defensive intimacy of Menorca, now turned into a path that can be completed in three, four or six stages, depending on your level. The four -day would be the most recommended for Bikers of medium level, with paths that fundamentally border the coast and pass through virgin beaches and coves. But incursions are also made inside, as in stage 2. The routes combine affordable stretches with technicians. Important to have experience in marathon stages or long trips in MTB to successfully complete this adventure.
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