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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Vizcaya

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Vizcaya

In Vizcaya we can find countless paths and tours for mountain cycling of all kinds, although the broken terrain and mountains are their hallmark. Its coast is steep and completely green. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit it by bike for environments such as the Urdaibai estuary. The city of Bilbao itself offers tours breaks legs through the mountains of its surroundings that contribute a different perspective of the city. While if we go inside you can find one of the reference mountains in the Basque Country such as Urkiola, declared a natural park and with signposted routes to travel or foot or by bicycle, although it will have to have level and experience For climbing.

Bilbao Route - The Vivero

The surroundings of Bilbao are plagued by small mountains from where beautiful panoramic views of the Basque city and its estuary are seen. The route that we propose leaves from the Guggenheim museum itself and goes up to Mount Artxanda, in a very eyeful terrain up and down but then gives great views of the city. Then we continue in the area of ​​the High of the nursery, this time with a view to the area of ​​Derio and Lezama. The layout combines tracks with path and some road sector.

Urdaibai Route

On the Cantabrian coast we made this route of Mountain Bike Asequible of beautiful landscapes by the left margin of the Estario de Urdaibai. The tour begins by heading to Bermeo and then taking southern direction to Sollube. It will be 18 kilometers breaks legs in climbs, until past Sollube begins to descend to link with the BI-3213 race and make a stretch of asphalt to errigoiti. Once this little town has passed, we are turning north looking for the river again when we leave Guernica to the right. It is a beautiful tour of little technical difficulty.

Urkiola Natural Park Route

Talking about Urkiola is talking about the heart of the Basque Country. Some mountains located at the southeast end of the province of Vizcaya where cycling is also breathed due to the celebration for many years of the road test of the climb to Urkiola, where they have won some of the best cyclists in the world. The test, however, is not celebrated since 2009. In MTB this protected area of ​​the Basque mountains can be traveled, with the beginning and end in the town of Mañaria. We border the ridges of the massif, leaving to our right an incredible views of the expired leaf forests, which in autumn have different leaf shades. It is a tour with a quite uneven but without discharge and designed technical difficulties to enjoy friends.
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