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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Valladolid

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Valladolid

Valladolid is a land of very little mountain and unevenness where it is possible to make soft intensity routes and rolling profile. That does not mean that it is a boring province for the Mountain Bike or that its routes are affordable and exempt from demands. The llaneo for the valleys of the Duero or Pisuerga is constant but the rhythm is cut with small repeches and hills, that without counting the presence of the wind that is usually common in the area. In Valladolid you cannot miss locations with a lot of history and famous for its medieval castles such as Tordesillas or Peñafiel, both bathed by the waters of the Duero and its great wine tradition. Nor the capital, Valladolid, the most populous city in Castilla y León with MTB routes within its own city, such as the hill of the contests.


One of the places frequented by Bikers From the city of Valladolid it is the Forest Park of the contests. In this green zone of the Castellanoleonese capital, one of the Open of Spain Cross Country tests is usually held and in 2020 the absolute Spain championship took place. This route includes some of the explosive ups and downs of the XC circuit, in addition to going around the park and its surroundings. An escape route to nature for Valladolid cyclists just a few minutes by bike in the city center.


Valladolid would not be understood without the Duero River, which crosses the province of East to West. In the Peñafiel Campo region, famous for its wines denomination of origin Ribera del Duero, it is possible to make a route touring the fields of vineyards and wineries of the area through the path of the Duero. This path runs parallel to the riverbed. The road is cyclable, except for some stretch of stairs that must be crossed on foot, from Peñafiel to Quintanilla de Onésimo. Then, towards kilometers 33, a hard climb of 3 kilometers begins towards an area of ​​wooded moors that shortly after we will descend and facing the return to Peñafiel.

Las Vegas del Duero Route

We continue down the Duero to the west end of the province, at the height of the town of chickens, passing tordesillas. There the river widens and forms great meanders. This widening of the river forms a natural environment rich in flora and river fauna. A large number of birds such as the Royal Garza or the Martinete nest and make life in this nature reserve of the banks of Castronuño or Las Vegas del Duero. Leaving from chickens it is possible to travel this river ecosystem not only of migratory birds, also of groves and forests of poplars, poplars and typical willows of the Valle del Duero. The layout is simple and of little unevenness except in its last part, once we move away from the riverbed to return shortly after chickens.
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