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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Jaén

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Jaén

The mountainous orography of Jaén, with the Sierra de Cazorla or Magina, its immense fields of olive trees and its cities loaded with history, such as the capital itself or Linares, make this province an attractive cycatourist destination. Its broken and mountainous terrain is perfect for high slope routes, especially those that demand greater physical effort. But there are also places for softer tours, such as in the surroundings of Linares where, between Olivos fields, we can remember the mining splendor of this city in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries through wells and facilities that are still preserved in good condition.

Cazorla Sierra Route

The Natural Park of La Sierra de Cazorla is the largest protected space in Spain (more than 214,000 hectares) and is located northeast of the province of Jaén. It can be traveled by mountain bike perfectly, although the terrain is breaks legs and quite mountainous. In the middle of the route we will visit the birth of the Guadalquivir River in the vicinity of the Barranco de Guarhondo, as well as enjoy the spectacular views of the entire mountains uploading to peaks and hills like Zamora's. Most of the route runs along clues in good condition, although in summer the precautions will have to be extreme not only because of the heat, also because of the dry and loose firm of the roads.

Sierra Magina Route

Circular route through one of the highest mountains in the entire province of Jaén, the Sierra Magina. It has peaks that exceed 2,000 meters of altitude, although this route will rise to 1,700 meter. It consists of two climbs to the Sierra of a large entity of 8 km and 5 km chained through forest track and cobbled roads. A route that requires a good physical form and having experience by uploading by mountain run for a long period of time.

Mining Route in Linares

This is a simple route around Linares, where it is possible to recall its great mining past with a tour of the wells and areas extraction of metals such as lead that were created in the nineteenth century and are still preserved in good condition. The first part of the route, about 9 kilometers, is done in a slight climb to the Mexican mine. At this point we will have to turn to return to Linares in descent, visiting former mines such as the San Ignacio well, the San José well or the San Vicente well.
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