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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Guadalajara

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Guadalajara

The Sierra Norte, El Alto Tajo or the moors of La Alcarria are some of the most attractive enclaves that we can visit in Guadalajara with the bicycle. Parajes of great natural value and with a lot of history, with peoples of obligatory visit such as Brihuega, Atienda, Molina de Aragón or the unique rural architecture of the black peoples. Most of the territory of the province is plain, corresponding to the region of La Alcarria, except for the northern, mountainous and broken zone, and the East-Senter, where the Alto Tajo Natural Park is located. We present three routes that travel these places and that we recommend doing both in spring and in autumn, for climate and landscape.

Return to the Alcarria

La Alcarria is one of the Castilian regions that has its epicenter in Guadalajara. This route travels its famous moors and valleys and has a way out in the provincial capital. In its 61 kilometers we cross villages such as Iriépal, Lupiana, Castueñas or Valdenoches, a town that can be lowered well by track or by a more technical marked path. A MTB rolling route that we advise to make in spring per weather and for the colorful of the landscapes.

High Tajo Route

With departure in the medieval town of Molina de Aragón, famous for its famous walled castle of the XII S. The lush forests that accompany the course of the river and its tributaries. The route concentrates all the physical and technical hardness in the first part, specifically the first 30 kilometers, with two increases of entity and terrain to Salmerón. From there the land is flat and very rolling back to Molina de Aragón.

Black Peoples Route

Another of Guadalajara places that you cannot miss are the calls Black peoples. It is a region composed of a set of villages with picturesque houses made of slate, located in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara. All these small villages, most uninhabited or rehabilitated for rural tourism, can be traveled by mountain bicycle, as through this route that we present to you in Breaking Profile, with start and end in Majaelrayo, one of those towns of black architecture With just 55 inhabitants. Recommended to make this route in autumn, at which time the landscape gains much more attractive.
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