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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Castellón

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Castellón

Castellón is a land of cycling, hosting numerous professional tests of all the modalities and levels at which its broken orography and good communications are maximized. This is the second most mountainous province in Spain, which makes it one of the paradises of the Mountain Bike in our country, especially for lovers of Trail's technical paths. From Castellón it is worth visiting its beaches and also its lost towns in the inner rugged of the province, such as Segorbe or Morella. In these last locations, mountain cycling routes can be made throughout the year by high ecological value that will also test your legs.

Las Palmas Desert

The natural place of the Las Palmas desert, a few 15 kilometers from Castellón, is one of the most visited cycle -tourist areas in the environment of the Castellón capital. A mountainous environment next to the Mediterranean Sea with clues and paths to get lost with the bicycle. This route runs through the heart of the Natural Park, with departure and arrival in Castellón de la Plana. The first part of the route is the toughest, with two chained climbs. The first to the Las Palmas desert viewpoint and the second to Bartolo, from where you can see beautiful views of the entire mountains and wooded area, in addition to divisar Castellón and the sea. After crowning, a long but fun descent to the city begins.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Modality: XC
  • Distance: 43.9 kilometers
  • Elimming: 870 meters
  • Route type: Circular
  • Start end: Castellón de la Plana
  • Route track

Segorbe - Espadán's jewels

Segorbe is one of the most important locations in the interior of the province of Castellón, with a rich cultural and artistic heritage declared of cultural interest. From there, this hard but beautiful circular route is very broken, with constant rises and descended around the Palancia Valley, with a visit included to the spectacular jump of the girlfriend of the town of Navajas, around kilometer 10.

Enduro in Morella

In addition to its historical character, the town of Morella, north of the province, is also a starting point for numerous MTB routes, being the scene of important tests of the national calendar such as the Mediterranean Xtrem or the Big Ride of Enduro. From this last modality you can make many tours in the steep environment of this Castellonense population. The route is a succession of purely enduro trails, with stretches of rocks, cut and exposed areas where you have to roll very carefully. However, and despite the good technical level that is required, we can admire landscapes of the mount of true beauty. The route consists of two long drops of 4.5 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers, respectively, with their corresponding links in plain and climb.
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