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Routes to go by mountain bike in the community of Madrid

Routes to go by mountain bike in the community of Madrid

When talking about mountain cycling in the Community of Madrid, it is almost always limited to routes and roads through the Sierra de Guadarrama. However, both in the surroundings of the capital and in its most flat lands in the south there are also places of much interest and attractive for bikers of all types, especially XC and Marathon routes. Madrid is a province with a lot of fondness for cycling and, above all, Mountain Bike. This can even be a handicap if what they are looking for are isolated paths without just people. Cyclists who leave the capital or their villages are counted every weekend to train or simply to spend a pleasant morning with their grupeta companions.

Berzosa Route

The urbanization of La Berzosa, in the municipality of Hoyo de Manzanares, is lucky enough to have unique surroundings for the practice of mountain cycling in all modalities. But especially for the trail and enduro. It is a succession of paths, Singletracks and down. A Bike Park Natural to enjoy with the bicycle and give an adrenaline point to your routes.

Pardo route

A few minutes from the center of Madrid is the farm of El Pardo, an old hunting preserve for royalty, with its respective palace and town. In its mountain area RIDERS Madrid have managed to set up their particular Bike Park To test your doubles. If you like the enduro or even the descent you have to go through the brown and make this route with five chained descents. The descents are clean, very well aware and with their respective jumps and escapes for which you want to add an adrenaline point to the route. Recommended to have confidence and experience jumping if you dare with any of the ramps, as well as carry a double suspension bicycle.

Chorrera del Hervidero Route

Another MTB route quite close to the capital and accessible thanks to its proximity to the A-1 highway. It has departure and arrival in San Agustín de Guadalix, in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama and travels the surroundings of the Pedrezuela reservoir along very fun paths and trails. Dehesa places are crossed, trails inside the snacks that the Guadalix river is formed and the spectacular vault dam of the reservoir itself, 52 meters high. But the great attraction of the tour is the stop at the Chorrera del Hervidero, a natural waterfall of the Guadalix River between rocks that deserves a photo to take a good memory of this journey. A rolling route, with some repeches, ideal for Rigid XC bicycle, although it can also be completed well with a double.

Lozoya Valley

The Lozoya Valley has innumerable paths and cyclable sections in full nature to squeeze the mountain bike to the maximum. We highlight this route with departure and arrival in Rascafría. A route that runs part of the Guadarrama National Park, in the surroundings of the Port of Cotos, between large pine forests and some high mountain fir forest. A somewhat hard tour in the physical and affordable appearance in the technical, with most of the route composed of forest tracks, although there is also a not very complicated trialera where they will have to use the brake, such as horcajuelos. We recommend making the route in autumn, spring or summer. In winter many of the areas will be snowy and impracticable, since it rises to 1,900 meters of altitude.
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