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Enjoy the most beautiful places in the MTB Villa de Mira

Enjoy the most beautiful places in the MTB Villa de Mira

The next June 4, and with exit at 9:30 a.m. In the morning, a new edition of the MTB Villa de Mira. The test is part of the X MTB Circuit of the Diputación de Cuenca. As for the tour, created by the CDE MTB Look, in collaboration with the town hall of the town, it has opted for a return to the origins of this competition, abandoning the Sierra and Returning to the river area, where landscape beauty is especially striking. In the first measures it will be traveled by a track area (2 km), to bring the first climb, along the path of the boalaje, of little difficulty in opening mouth. Then the path of the clavicle is descended, and the toughest part of the route arrives, having to ascend through Ernesto's path. Once surpassed, the Sensa del Carrascalejo, a brief stretch of track, is waiting for the Sensa, where the main difficulty reaches at the technical level, with a rather demanding route. A narrow road and the CID path will take the participants to the highest point of the race, where the supply will be found. After recovering strength, another section of high technical difficulty is faced, by the path of the Mill of the Hoz. Then, the botanical walk, which runs in parallel to the river, giving the eye some spectacular landscapes. Finally, a broken road with important ramps will take bikers to the path of Valdefuentes, from where the goal is faced. In total, the circuit reaches a distance of 16 kilometers, and you have to complete it twice (which makes a total of 32 kilometers). As it is not a very demanding test at a technical or physical level, it is suitable for practically all types of runners. You can check the test profile in Wikiloc
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