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This is the world's lighter steel bicycle; He is Japanese and only weighs 5.42 kilos

This is the world's lighter steel bicycle; He is Japanese and only weighs 5.42 kilos

Having the lighter bicycle as possible is the obsession of many cyclists. That is why brands and manufacturers dedicate large investments in their engineering departments with the aim of developing new materials, alloys and innovations that reduce the weight of their bicycles. [IRP posts = "1382" name = "The 10 innovations that have changed road cycling"] And, if we talk about materials, carbon is undoubtedly the king to put a bicycle on a diet. However, the Japanese Tage company has surprised the industry presenting at the Eurobike 2020 fair a bicycle of just over 5 kilos built in steel. Steel has been for more than 100 years the material with which most bicycles were manufactured worldwide. The introduction of aluminum and, especially, the use of carbon fiber, exceeded the limitations of steel in terms of weight, rigidity, torsion and resistance. [IRP Posts = "1256" name = "The definitive guide of bicycle boxes; what material is better?"] Yasujiro Svelte Today the large bicycle manufacturers mostly use 2 ranges of materials: aluminum and carbon. Steel is already history in the bicycle manufacturing industry. [IRP posts = "1021" name = "Do I buy an aluminum bike or a carbon bike?"] But the Japanese manufacturer Tage has surprised with the presentation of his bicycle Yasujiro Svelte, whose picture is built entirely in steel. The Yasujiro Svelte has a declared weight of 5.42 kilograms for size 52, which makes it the lighter steel bicycle in the world. It is even lighter than many of the aluminum and carbon bicycles that you can find in the market. Even in high ranges!

What leads to be so light?

How has this manufacturer achieved develop such a light steel bicycle? The tubes of the box are made from a layer of conified steel of only 0.35 millimeters thick. To get an idea, it is the equivalent of 3 sheets of paper. Yasujiro Svelte Thanks to this alloy, the painting weighs only 1,240 grams for size 52. But despite using such a fine steel, the brand ensures that it is as resistant as a conventional steel bicycle. [IRP posts = "1365" name = "so are the graphene pictures, and could weigh only 350 grams"] As for the components and level of equipment, the Yasujiro Svelte has the following serial specifications:
  • Table: Yasujiro Svelte de Steel Conified
  • Change Group: SRAM Red ETAP 22
  • Connecting rods: SRAM Red ETAP
  • Brakes: Canek Ee
  • Wheels: Be King Carbon Tubular
  • CUBSTA: TUFO Elite Jet Tubular 700x20
  • Handlebar: Be King Carbon
  • Sillin: Be King Carbon
Yasujiro Svelte With a monopathic transmission system and with a lighter connecting game, a greater weight reduction of the Yasujiro Svelte bicycle could be achieved. Another surprising details of this bicycle is its price. The box and fork set has a sale price is $ 1,600 -about 1,400 euros to change. However, getting this bicycle is not easy, since the brand only has distributors in Southeast Asia and California. There is no distribution channel for Europe. Are you looking for a light bike? You will find on our website The best carbon road bicycles. https://youtu.be/H2a3Mq1d_Wk
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