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This is Shimano's new XT M8000 group: competition performance for demanding bikers

This is Shimano's new XT M8000 group: competition performance for demanding bikers

https://youtu.be/NpoNP-2DitM The Japanese Shimano house has presented a new version for 2016 of one of its best -selling groups. Includes, although with some delay with respect to its main competitor, SRAM, the development with a single dish at a more economical price, thus fighting side by side for the already established tendency of the single dish developments. The newly presented group inherits all the technology and performance of its older brother, the XTR, including the 11 speeds and even offering a cassette greater than this. The dominant tonic in the development of the transmission has been none other than the reduction of change effort in all the components involved in it. As usual, this group offers Three possibilities according to the modality that we practice: either Cross country, enduro or All Mountain, thus satisfying all bikers with a group with Pedigrí. Shimano Group Nor have the developments of two and three dishes been abandoned, so we find three different connecting rods According to this difference, although all following the patterns of the new design and technology RYM Step, which improves the experience of change reducing the sudden movements of the chain. The dishes are made of carbon, with steel teeth and with a specific profile for the monopathing model to favor, according to the manufacturer, up to 150% chain retention. With regard to rear change, it is also offered in three versions: the own 1x11 development, another with average leg for 2x11 and the corresponding to 3x11 that will be long leg. The three incorporate the Shadow RD+ technology It favors a lower profile, a reduction in change effort and helps stabilize the chain. Shimano rear change With regard to the deviators, these They have improved and optimized for assembly in different paintings, from the double suspension, large tours to those that have short pods, as well as a redesign of the wiring route as has been done in the XTR model. It will be manufactured in the versions for D and E-Type anchors and both for high and low clamps. One of the most important novelties that this new group incorporates is the 11-42t cassette, exceeding even the one previously presented in the XTR group that, combined with the new HG-X11 chain with SIL-TEC treatment, will provide us with a real competition performance. By the buttons and on the path of reducing the effort and improving the experience in change, it has been carried out A redesign and the application of optisick technology That, according to the manufacturer, will reduce this effort by 20%. Shimano pinions Well known it is XT brake quality, as proves to be an authentic supervants for the Japanese house. With the typical shimano touch, They have continued to improve the handle with a cleaner and more resistant cylinder along with weight. They have also allowed an increase in braking power with a lower journey of the handle. They can be acquired for the use on discs ranging from 140mm. up to 203mm.
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