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The DGT states that cyclists have to enroll their bicycles and request a circulation permit

The DGT states that cyclists have to enroll their bicycles and request a circulation permit

The General Directorate of Traffic is studying the possibility that everyone who wants to pedal by bicycle has to enroll it and have a special circulation permit. This was stated last weekend by the General Deputy Director of Intervention and Road Policies of the DGT, Mónica Colás, during a national meeting on the bicycle sector held at the Higher Center for Road Education. To get ahead, the regulations would affect the more than 3 million Spaniards who use the bicycle every month, both occasionally and to train, compete and pedal to the road, the mountain or the triathlon tests, cycling and Mountain Bike. The idea not only goes through establishing the obligation to enroll bicycles, which would possibly lead to having to pay a rate for enrollment tax. It would also be necessary to obtain a circulation permit for vehicles without motor and responsibility insurance similar to that of cars. Cyclists

Speeding fines

A few weeks ago, the DGT has already distributed a survey among different cycling groups to know their opinion due to the possibility of a law forcing bicycles to enroll and demand a special circulation permit from cyclists. This proposal arises following a Unesco chair that in February 201 proposed to introduce modifications to the circulation regulations. Among these changes it was suggested that cyclists have to carry a visible registration number, either in the helmet or in a mandatory use vest for anyone who comes out with the bicycle. It was also intended to establish a speed limit for cyclists in those areas where bicycles share public roads with pedestrians, as is the case for example in urban nuclei.
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