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So are the new LIV helmets for cyclists women

So are the new LIV helmets for cyclists women

The LIV brand, dedicated exclusively to the design of sports products by women and for women, has presented its new bicycle helmet line, created hand in hand with the cyclists of Team Liv-Plantur, which is a professional cycling team participating in competitions such as the UCI Women's Road World Cup. Liv Helmers for women have been thought for different modalities of cycling; road, counterreloj, Mountain bike and triathlon. As indicated by the brand, in its design and composition, female anatomical characteristics have been taken into account, with different needs with respect to male cyclists. In this sense, you can choose between 4 models of high performance helmets, according to the preferences of each woman.


It is a helmet whose main characteristic is comfort. It has 21 ventilation channels and a weight of only 235 grams. It is a very light option not to add too much to the total weight with the bicycle. Attaca range It is the high -performance LIV Helmers version for sprinters and rollers. It has an aerodynamic design for road competition. One of the features that make it a model indicated for Sprint is its sliding surface tested by the LIV equipment in the wind tunnel test.

Attaca TT range

This helmet is mainly aimed at triathletes and counterreloj corridors for its focus on aerodynamic improvement. According to the brand, ventilation channels have been designed in such a way that they not only contribute to favoring comfort and regulating the temperature of the head, but also so that the air passage complements the aerodynamics of the entire helmet.

Infinite range

It is the model designed for mountain cycling, in all BTT modalities. It has reinforcements to offer greater structural rigidity and resistance to possible falls, as well as 18 ventilation channels located in such a way that they can provide adequate air flow in both the descents and in the promotions.
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