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Run and eat at the X Vicorada BTT

Run and eat at the X Vicorada BTT

Consolidated for a long time as One of the classic of the BTT Aragonese surgeon, the X Vicorada BTT The next May 14 in the town of Sediles. This test was considered in 2012 as the best of Aragon, and is a very anticipated appointment by many Bikers. In this edition there will be only one available route; of 47 kilometers and with a good number of ramps, even reaching The beam peak, which is crowned at 1,427 meters of altitude. Can consult the tours on the test website. But, in addition, the organization continues to contribute parallel activities, both for runners, and for their companions. So, At the same time that the race runs and traveling along the same paths, there will be crossings on foot (16 or 23 kilometers). And there will be much more, such as the possibility of using municipal pools or attending local craft samples. Another advantage for participants is that The night can spend in some of the rural houses of the town with a cost of only five euros. Another identity halls of this event are the avituallamientos bestial. In addition to a morning chocolate, in them you can find wine, beer, bread with oil, fried eggs with sausage or sausage ... a delight for which it is worth facing the test!
The supplies are spectacular in terms of quality and offer the necessary energy to face the race.
The registration price is 15 euros For not federated and 13 for those who are. If you want to take part in this cycling party, hurry up, because inscriptions are closed on May 4. Fill this form and you will enter the draw of a 2 inscription pack, so you can participate in the test with the friend you want: [sform] 10[/sform]
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