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Four errors that you should avoid before participating in a cycling test

Four errors that you should avoid before participating in a cycling test

Tomorrow is the day. You have been looking forward to the bicycle so long and compete in that race that takes so long to choose, that the last hours are being made eternal. However, To that illusion are added some inevitable nerves. In large part, because you do not know very well if you must maintain your usual habits, training included, or you have to prepare something special about 24 hours from the starting gun. Having doubts before participating in a race is logical; You ask yourself if you will live up to your expectations, if the strategy you have thought is the best, what will be the level of the rivals or what the weather will be like. >>> The 5 most frequent incidents when you leave mountain bike Most of the factors that make you worry are out of your control. But not all. If something can do well before participating in a race is to avoid errors by establishing a routine to hold on, which will give you security in yourself. With it you will avoid certain errors in which you should never fall before competing. These are the most important:

1. Spend the previous day 'resting' on the couch

So bad it can be too exercised on the day before the competition how to spend tomorrow and afternoon lying on the couch. The advisable is Make a tour with the soft and moderate bicycle, to have pedaling sensations, but without exhausting reservations What will you need in the finish line. Rolle 20-30% of the intensity that you apply to usual training is a good measure, although you can several distance or intensity depending on the type of test you are going to face. Cyclist in bed

2. Do not sleep enough

If the next day you have to do your best, physically and mentally, you better try to rest enough. Sleep the usual sleep hours you need to find yourself in full faculties You will prepare your body for the effort to which you are going to submit it. Go to bed soon and, once in it, relax and move away thoughts or worries from your head. Do not turn to medications That they induce you artificially to sleep, especially if you have never ingested them, because the remedy could be worse than the disease and awaken with unwanted side effects.

3. Denign a lot and include fiber on the plate

Copious dinners generate heavy digestions and make sleep very difficult. Soon and somewhat light dinner (You don't have to stay hungry) and avoid foods that have a lot of fiber, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. >>> This is what happens if you try to follow the diet of a cyclist in the tour If you have a tendency to suffer diarrhea, better forget salads, so helped when you want to make a light dinner. sandwich Nor are the spicy sauces or the foods that usually produce gases advisable, like legumes, especially beans, chickpeas or lentils. Pasta can be an excellent option. Hydraceate and includes some protein.

4. Do not check the bicycle or equipment

You would not be the first that, when it reaches the place of the test, it realizes that the Maillot, he Culotte or the helmet. Or, even worse, detects A small technical incidence on the bicycle that could have resolved the day before without difficulty. >> What every cyclist should know about the maintenance of your bicycle >>> How to make proper maintenance of your bicycle fork Although they are rectifiable mistakes, you will have to spend time solving them and you will lose the concentration that matters so much on the day of the test. The day before the event checks that you have all the material and that your two -wheeled partner is in perfect condition. Clean bicycle If you have to perform any repair or adjust something, you will be on time and, incidentally, that time alone with your bicycle will help you to review the important points about the competition and visualize the race. Remember that the tests are prepared for months or weeks, not the day before. That means there are no secret formulas to improve performance, no matter how much you want to do in the previous day. Try to be faithful to your preparation until that last day and do not introduce last minute changes that can offer you an uncertain result. >>> Training plan to start in triathlon Second -hand bicycles Tuvalum
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