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Felt presented at the river games a bicycle with the transmission train on the left side

Felt presented at the river games a bicycle with the transmission train on the left side

The Olympic Games are not just a stage for the best sport stars to test their abilities. They also suppose a great technological challenge for the sports equipment industry. Brands and manufacturers try to offer athletes to those who equip more light materials, designs designed to scratch a few hundredths to the chrono and surprising innovations. Cycling, and more specifically cycling on track, it has been the scenario where in these Rio Olympic Games an unprecedented innovation has been seen: the bicycles of the American persecution team carried the transmission train on the left side. Transmission has always been mounted on the right side of bicycles. However, for the Olympic Games of Ríos de Janeiro, Felt decided to equip the American team with a revolutionary bicycle where the plate, the chain and the pinion were on the left side. The explanation, according to the engineers of FELT, it has to do with the position of the center of gravity and the flow of the air during each lap that is given to the velodrome. "Moving the transmission train from the outer side of the track next to it, the bicycle becomes more aerodynamics and is also better handled because the weight and center of gravity has moved into the interior of the laps." This modification did not serve the United States to win the gold medal, since the triumph went to the British team, where some technological innovations also premiered. Jason Pistard Ryan Owen, for example, competed with a smaller and slight handlebar printed with a 3D printer.
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