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Does shaving your legs improve the performance of a cyclist?

Does shaving your legs improve the performance of a cyclist?

Aesthetics or sports performance issue? Surely you have heard more than once that the reason why Cyclists shave their legs is because they reduce aerodynamic resistance and manage to roll faster, just as swimmers happen when they throw themselves into the pool. However, is it a myth or really rolls faster on the bicycle without hair on your legs? To solve the doubt the Specialized brand made in mid -2014 A curious experiment in its wind tunnel. He took 6 cyclists and put them to shoot for 40 kilometers above the bicycle in two batches: one with legs on his legs and another after having shaved. It was monitored that cyclists developed the same pedaling cadence in both tests. [embed] http://youtu.be/dznre17jg3i[/embed] The results analyzed showed that during the tests performed without hair on the legs, cyclists took average 70 seconds less to complete the 40 kilometers. This difference became 82 seconds in the most extreme case, and 50 seconds in the least. That is The difference between rolling with shaved or unfaiting legs is 70 seconds every 40 kilometers. "It is an immense difference," said the Specialized tests in the wind tunnel. "The experiment on shaving your legs to practice cycling has been surprising revelation." So, aesthetics issues on the margin, the truth is that Personating the legs to practice cycling improves performance on the bicycle. [IRP posts = "3264" name = "Does having a beard make us slower bicycle?"]
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