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Do you have a store? Multiply your sales with Tuvalum!

Do you have a store? Multiply your sales with Tuvalum!

If you are here it is because you probably have a cycling store and you want to increase your sales. Internet is an extraordinary channel to multiply your income selling online to thousands of customers regardless of where they are. But it is not easy. When you open a physical store at street level even if you don't invest in advertising, you know those who pass in front of your door. On the Internet, in addition to the cost of programming an online store, you need to make promotion so that people know your website and know what your page is, who you are and what you sell. That means investing a lot of time and money in building a Ecommerce, Invest in social networks advertising, advertising in Google, SEO, maintenance of the online store ... and you are not a computer and probably do not have thousands of euros to spend on digital marketing. Do not worry, in Tuvalum we have developed a program tailored to small cycling stores to help you sell online in Europe without investing time or money in developing a Ecommerce Own, neither in advertising in digital media nor on payment catwalks or transport agencies. With Tuvalum you can sell in more than 15 countries only with your mobile phone. You just need to register, upload your bicycle catalog and we work for you. We take care of everything:
  • We promote your products on Google, social networks, email, commercial channels, etc.
  • We recommend your bicycles to thousands of cyclists from all over Europe that enter Tuvalum every day to search, compare and buy a bicycle.
  • We manage payments, always with bank guarantee and anti-fraud system. We even give the possibility that buyers pay in installments, but you charge the money entirely in a single payment.
  • We collect your orders at the door of your store and give them to the buyer regardless from wherever: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal ... Forget about paying shipping insurance and hiring international transport services! We already do it for you.
  • And best of all, it's free for you. Do not pay commissions for publishing your ads, or for positioning them or for selling. It is the buyer who pays service management.

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How does it work?

  1. Register for free in Tuvalum as a store.
  2. Upload your catalog.
  3. Receive orders.
  4. Send the products to buyers.
  5. Receive your money

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Advantages of selling in Tuvalum

Our store program is designed so that you can sell easily, comfortably and quickly without wasting time or money. Your business is not computer science, neither ecommerce nor digital marketing. We do that for you so you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: your customers. We are your online store, your Internet sales channel.

You save costs

You do not need to mount an online store. Maintaining an ecommerce and capturing customers on the Internet requires effort, time and above all money. Selling in Tuvalum you save hosting costs, positioning, design, payment catwalks, etc. Tuvalum offers you free resources that would cost you a lot of money. Nor do you need to invest in advertising, because we already do it for you. We promote your products in Google, Email, Social Networks, Commercial Canals, etc.

You sell throughout Europe from your mobile phone

Tuvalum gives you a showcase for your products throughout Europe. More than 300,000 cyclists and triathletes enter Tuvalum every month to search, compare and buy quality bicycles and components such as those you sell. And it is a figure that grows month by month. With Tuvalum you can sell your bicycles in more than 15 countries of the European Union without having to speak English, French or German and without moving from the counter of your store. Besides, We manage the collection and sending of your sales from your store to the client's home. With your mobile phone you go up your catalog, manage notifications and we take care of hard work to help you sell online.

You receive money in your bank account in 48 hours

Without checks, without strange commissions, without having to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to collect your money. Selling in Tuvalum you receive the money from your sales in your current account 2 days after the product reaches the buyer. Tuvalum customers pay card, transfer, paypal or postponed payment, but you will always receive money in full in a single payment in your checking account.

Permanent and personalized assistance

We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything. And we also provide you with an assistance service to your measure. Without automatic answers, without empty forms. Behind each consultation you do to us is always a person willing to help you. Has an unforeseen event emerged? Do you need us to help you improve your ads? Don't you find an adequate box to pack your bicycles? Call us or write us, we are at your service.  

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What differentiates us from other pages and second -hand apps?

There are many second -hand websites and applications. But Tuvalum is the first 100% specialized channel in cycling that offers you a total service of all the necessary efforts to sell: the publication of your products, customer service, money collection and logistics and sending products. You sell bicycles and we offer them to cyclists looking for bicyclesNot those who want a washing machine, a lamp or a sofa. Who enters Tuvalum does so looking for a bicycle, a painting or wheels. On other websites your products live with refrigerators and office tables. Our main difference is the effectiveness in sales. On other second -hand websites and apps you simply publish your ad and from there you are looking for life. They limit themselves to contacting possible vendors with possible buyers, but are not responsible for guaranteeing the transaction. Our mission is that the advertisements are sold are sold, so we provide you with a safe collection and payment system, a collection and shipping service and we protect you against fraud intengos. In addition, we do not charge you to publish your ads or position them inside the catalog. If you sell, we win.  

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Frequent questions

It is normal for you to have questions. Here we resolve the most frequent doubts about how to sell in Tuvalum. If you have any other queries, contact us confidently, we are here to help you.

How can I create a store account in Tuvalum?

To create an account as a store in Tuvalum you need to have a company (limited society) or be autonomous. It is essential to have a valid NIF or CIF and legal capacity to issue invoices.

What products can I sell in Tuvalum?

Tuvalum is a marketplace specialized in bicycles for sports use (Mountain Bike, road, triathlon, grave, etc.). But you can also put components and accessories on sale whenever they are cycling and/or triathlon. To ensure the quality of our service we do not admit children's bicycles, BMX, static or spinning bikes and the like.

Can I sell new or only second -hand bicycles?

You can sell both new and second -hand bike, test, demo, exposure, seasonal settlement, etc. Whenever they are high and medium ranges and, in the case of bicycles used, they have to be delivered completely reviewed and ready.

How much does it cost to sell in Tuvalum?

That is the best of all: selling has no cost to you. You simply indicate the price you want to win for your items and Tuvalum adds a commission paid by the buyer. We are transparent and at all times you will know what you earn and the final price paid by the buyer.

Do I need to hire a transport service?

No. We take care of managing the collection and sending of your sales from your store to the client's home. Every time you sell we will agree with you a collection date and schedule and send the carrier to collect the package to your store.

Through what means do customers make the payment?

Buyers make payment through the Tuvalum website. We take care of the collection and take responsibility for any anti-fraud management.

When and how will I charge the money from my sales?

We transfer the money from your sales to your bank account 2 days after the customer receives the order. At all times you will know when the delivery has been made because you will have the monitoring number of the carrier.

Who is responsible for making the client's invoice?

It is the store that is responsible for making the invoices of all sales that you make in the buyer's name. Exactly the same as when you sell in your physical store. We will provide you with the buyer's data to make the invoice and send it together with the product.

How do returns and guarantees work?

The return and guarantee conditions whether you sell in Tuvalum and if you sell at your premises are those established by current regulations through the General Law for the defense of consumers and users. Returns due to withdrawal must have a period of 14 days from the delivery of the order. All new products must be at least 2 years warranty. All used products must have at least 1 year warranty. We do not say this, the law says it and it is applicable whether you sell in Tuvalum as if not.

I have some doubts, how can I contact you?

Do not entertain doubts. Get in touch with us with all confidence and we will attend you personally. Write us an email to hi@tuvalum.com. You can also call us or whatsapp al +34 604238809.  

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