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"Disc brakes are the greatest innovation I have seen on a bicycle"

"Disc brakes are the greatest innovation I have seen on a bicycle"

"It is the greatest innovation that I have ever seen on a bicycle throughout my sports career. It would be an idiot if I didn't use it." With this forcefulness, Belgian cyclist Tom Bonen has reopened the debate on the use of disc brakes in the international squad.

The ICU, which initially contemplated the possibility of using them at the end of 2015, finally decided to ban this type of brakes on the road bicycles after the accident that Francisco Ventoso suffered in the Paris-Roubaix in the spring of 2016, and that produced a Severo cut in the leg with the edge of one of the brake discs.

Despite them, both some manufacturers and professional cyclists continue to press so that the disc brakes reach the UCI World Tour route tests.

Without going any further, this week Tom Boonen won the second stage of the Tour of San Juan (Argentina) with a Specialized Via Vias Disc that is equipped with this braking system, originally in mountain cycling, usual in the Ciclocross and that For some months he has been generating debate in cycling en route.

"Last year I had a tarmac with disc brakes, and in December I tried the avengé. This type of brakes work better, it is easier to control them and do not block as fast as conventional. I do not understand why so much mess has been mounted, because It is the greatest to improve that I have ever seen on the bicycle. "

Boonen is not the only cyclist who has been openly in favor that the ICU finally authorizes the use of disc brakes. Peter Sagan has also used a Specialized Venge with this braking system in Australia, where he has begun to prepare the 2017 season.

And what do you think: disc brakes yes or disc brakes, right?

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