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Come enjoy pedaling in the XC Serranía Cuna

Come enjoy pedaling in the XC Serranía Cuna

Within the 17 tests that make up the calendar of the X MTB Circuit of the Provincial Council of Cuenca, the XC Serranía Cuna is one of the most settled, of the favorites of the Bikers. The test will take place next May 27 (departure at five in the afternoon) in the town of Olmeda del Rey. It will be a short march, in which you can choose whether to complete A 16.2 kilometers circuit, or face the maximum distance, 32.5 km. (two laps). He accumulated slope is almost 400 meters per round, with a pending maximum ascent of 19%, and 18%decrease. It is a test that has acquired remarkable importance. For example, in recent years the Triumphs of Juan Carlos Fernández Mora (Orquin team), better known as 'El Puma', several times champion of Spain Master, which was imposed twice. Other notable winners were Israel Fernández (champion of Castilla La Mancha) or Sebastián Blanco, who in both cases ended up among the ten best of the Open in Spain. Rafa Bonilla, who has also achieved the title of Manchego champion, has always been in second position when he has participated.

Much more than a career

In addition to the competition itself, The organization aims to publicize villages like Olmeda del Rey, like many others in the area, are being unraveful. With this test, participants can enjoy their gastronomy and landscape. Tuvalum supports this march with presence in the corridor's stock market, where all participants will find a discount for their purchases on the web.
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