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Are automatic pedals essential?

Are automatic pedals essential?

In which automatic pedals are one of those devices that we have taken for our bicycles for a long time. They help us obtain optimal support, improve our bicycle control, allow a ‘round’ pedaling and prevent the adoption of harmful postures, which can even derive in injuries when repeated for a long time. In addition, they constitute one of The 10 innovations that have changed cycling both on the road and on the mountain. But have you stopped to think if they are really essential? Since Bernard Hinault, in 1985, triumphed with them in the Champs Elysees (it would be their fifth in the Tour de France), there have been defenders at the ultranza of its use. But there are also supporters not to use this type of pedals. Next we will try to analyze whether or not you should use this type of pedals.

More mountain maneuverability

The contrary to the idea of ​​using automatic pedals say that, in several cycling modalities, the opposite is precisely needed. This is the case of mountain cycling. With more freedom to move on the bicycle, you earn in maneuvering capacity, something necessary to face a land of technical difficulty. MTB shoes Traditional pedals allow special maneuvers, such as static balance with several jumps to align or Bunny-Hop. In the latter case, in which you have to raise the front wheel previously to reach an obstacle and then overcome it with the back, those who have become accustomed to do so with automatic pedals will find serious difficulties in doing so without them. But it is understandable that those who bet on flat pedals defend their best maneuverability. The other face of the currency is in security. The abrupt and unstable land through which a mountain bike moves generate imbalance situations that make it very easy for the foot to slip. The accident is usually assured. Bicycle accident Here the automatic pedals won the game by win, because guarantee greater stability and allow you to continue pedaling Until out of trouble. Conclusion? With automatic pedals the foot will not slip from the pedal, but you will not have the freedom of movements offered by traditional pedals.

And on the road?

Here doubts are much lower. When a uniform and prolonged land is faced, there are few things that make the difference more than automatic pedals. The use of each pedaling due to direct contact between the foot and the pedal is unquestionable, especially at the point that occurs just before both reach the highest place in the route. The cyclist can concentrate on applying all the power to the effort Because it will not be exposed to shocks, even when it stands on the pedals. The efficiency they provide is the reason why you will see many road cyclists that do not have automatic pedals. Cycling shoes

Previous precautions before using them

That automatic pedals offer serious competitive advantages does not mean that everything is sewing and singing; They require an inevitable adaptation process and, in the face of traditional, minimal attention and maintenance. The best way to get along with them is to practice their use until they dominate them. It is advisable to place the adjustment in the position of greatest slack and give some pedaling in that way. Little by little we will lead to the ideal point and win in ease. Try to release the foot in standing every time you can until you master the technique. As for their maintenance, the best way that automatic pedals are always ready is to clean them from time to time, examine the pedal spring tension and grease it. We must also ensure that the strain screws are well tight, without jolgures. automatic pedals

So are they essential or not?

What is the conclusion we reached on automatic pedals? They offer many benefits and help improve cycling, but with nuances. They do not do it if we are not able to take advantage of them, therefore it is essential to familiarize themselves with them and even train in their use. On the other hand, it is in mountain cycling, in which the maneuverability of the cyclist comes into play, where its use can be questionable. In any case, it is a very personal choice. If you are thinking of acquiring automatic pedals, find out well about the different types (Crankbrothers, SPD, SpeedPlay ...) and the characteristics they present. To make an appropriate purchase to your needs, always compare your benefits and prices. And you do you think? Yes automatic pedals or automatic pedals? You can leave your opinion in the comments.
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