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5 things you should look before choosing a cycling test

5 things you should look before choosing a cycling test

road cyclists Weekend cycling tests have proliferated both in recent times that barely free gaps remain in the annual calendar. If you are one of those who do not want to get lost even, and you are even willing to do enough kilometers to participate in some, surely that more than once you have missed a small guide to succeed in your choice. The good news is that the tough competition between cycling races has resulted in these have improved to forced marches in terms of their organization, something that in the end has an impact on the participant. Do not trust the first thing that you tell you or see on the Internet and take paper and pencil to discover what you should look at to choose a weekend competition and succeed.

1. Look for references of your quality

It seems obvious, but a rookie corridor error is precisely to sign up for a weekend competition of hearing or getting carried away by the name. That a career is held by celebrating 30 years, such as the cycling test Marathon Dles Dolomites, one of the most important in Europe, means that it is an international reference and is endorsed by its good organization. On the other hand, the Internet is a true mine to contrast opinions on various website, in forums and on social networks. Cyclists

2. Check the level of the participants

If you have doubts about the level of demand for a weekend competition, remember that the best track you can have about it are the participants who take part in it. If you have previous editions, check the names of the winners in the different categories, you may stop with a known name, of reference, that surprises you. The usual thing is that the organizers of the tests rise to their web pages the results of the previous years and the times, which will allow you to compare them with yours and get a very approximate idea of ​​what you can find.

3. Verify if it is a federated competition

Although more and more evidence is part of the cycling calendar recognized by a federation, whether regional or national, there are still many that do not meet this requirement, especially in the summer period. We must be aware that if we participate in a federated competition we will not have to worry about technical aspects such as the layout, the rigor in the chronicle, the signaling of the route or the level of the judges, since they will be fulfilled to Rajatabla. Security will also be guaranteed by the measures that the organizing committee has to take and by the insurance that is hired. >>> What mandatory insurance you should have if you want to organize a MTB test


4. Find out the impact you have

Do you have, you or your cycling club, sponsors? If the answer is that yes, you will know that they will always prefer that you participate or participate in the tests with the greatest media impact. It is not about competing in the Tour of France; If you are not familiar with this, you would be surprised by the impact it can have in the local press and on the Internet a weekend race well promoted by the organizers. If, in addition, you are good, you don't despise the pleasant feeling of reading your name on the headlines.

5. The environment matters

You don't need to swore it; If you are an amateur, even if you like to compete, one of the things you appreciate the most when you get on your bicycle are the places you discover when you whet with it. Why not consider it as one more factor when you decide to go to a weekend competition? Luckily, in Spain you have a lot and well and where to choose from. Three good examples of races in charming places are The 10,000 of the blow, in the province of Cantabria, the Great Cambrils Park background, by the Natural Park of the Sierra de Montsant (Tarragona), or the Zarautz Reale Klasikoa, that combines the passage through the coast of Zarautz-Getaria-Zumaia and the visit to Mount Aitzgorri. But there are only three examples, there are many others and for all tastes.
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