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What Specialized bike is the most appropriate for you?

What Specialized bike is the most appropriate for you?

Specialized is one of the main bicycle manufacturers in the world and one of the brands that has harvested the most successes in the main international tests of both cycling and mountain cycling. Perhaps that is why it has become a brand of cult among millions of fans of all the world, following a case similar to that of Apple mobile phones or Mercedes cars. It is rare the grupeta or amateur team where there is not at least a couple of cyclists or bikers that go out to roll with a Specialized bicycle. And like many drivers they want to have a Mercedes or a BMW, if you ask in your circle of cyclist friends, what a bicycle would they want to have, in a wide percentage they will tell you that a Specialized. But Buy a Specialized Bicycle It is not a simple exercise. While other brands in their category focus on making bicycles for the high competition segment, Specialized covers everything is a spectrum of possible ranges, from the lowest that serve as access to the highest designed for professionals. If we look at the 2020 season catalog, we find that there are 34 different models and a total of 152 versions of different Specialized Bicycles. Between such a wide range of options, choosing a bike is no longer just a matter of budget. If you have decided that your next bicycle is a Specialized, in this article we want to help you choose the most suitable model and version for yourself based on the use you want to give it and the characteristics that best adapt to your needs. >> Are you looking for a bicycle but you don't know which one to choose from? Try our recommender

Specialized ranges by component level

S-works Specialized usually group the different versions of each bicycle model depending on the level of components with which they are equipped and the type of carbon used in the construction of each frame (in the case of the paintings manufactured with this material). In this way, the American brand has different ranges of its main models adapted for the level and demands of each user. A cyclist who is looking for a road bike is not the same to start and go to roll 40 kilometers a couple of times a week, that the corridor competes every weekend and seeks to improve their times. Specialized bicycle ranges, ordered from the lowest to higher level of components is as follows:
  • Sport
  • Elite
  • Comp
  • Expert
  • Pro
  • S-works
Sport versions are equipped with change groups and lower range components. They usually correspond to the level of entry to each category, indicated for those who first arrive at cycling and seek something simple with what to start in this sport. In each range jump the components are of a higher level and the materials used for bicycle manufacture are lighter. The most premium versions of Specialized bicycles are those cataloged within the S-Works range, with high module carbon paintings and both mechanical and electronics of both category. This difference, obviously, translates into the price. Hence, for example, that a Specialized Epic Tid costs almost 3 times less than a Specialized Epic S-Works, even though it is the same bicycle model. These ranges do not apply equally to all Specialized bicycle models. The S-Works versions are reserved only for the most leading models of each modality. Thus, for example, the Specialized Allez of the 2020 season only has Sport and Elite versions, since it is a model of access to road cycling. At the other extreme we have the Specialized Epic Evo, which is only distributed in comp and S-Works versions because it is a Mountain Bike model conceived for the highest competition. Knowing the level of ranges is important not to make mistakes when choosing which version of each model is the one that best suits our characteristics and needs.

Road bicycles

Specialized's relationship with the world of road cycling is very narrow and the route bicycles of the North American manufacturer enjoy wide popularity and fame between the amateur cyclists of all levels. In the world of professionalism, one of the most prominent figures that have helped place the brand among the most desired is Peter Sagan, whose successes have contributed to position Specialized bicycles among the most desired. Specialized manufactures high competition road bicycles and covers the main route bike geometries designed for the main typologies of use: Racing, Great Fund, Aero and counterreloj. When choosing a model or another it is necessary to take into account the purpose with which the American brand has designed it, beyond personal colors, equipment and taste. These are lThe main road bike models of Specialized.

Specialized Tarmac

Specialized Tarmac The Specialized Tarmac It is the Racing or Escalator Typology Road Bicycle of the Bion of the S. Bicycles of this type are racing bicycles, designed to offer an agile and reactive response in each situation, either in competition tests or in outputs in outputs in outputs Group and training. The geometry of your picture is designed to take advantage of each pedal and transmit the power of each rhythm and pedal blow in the most efficient way possible to the road. Specialized uses in its TARMAC model the lighter components and materials, since the objective is to lighten and provide rapid driving both in plain and uploading ports or descending a mountain road. There is a model equivalent to the Specialized Tarmac with women's box geometry. It is the Specialized Amira. >> Racing or climbing typology road bicycles Who is this bicycle for? The Specialized Tarmac is a recommended bicycle for cyclists who participate in route tests and seek to improve their times and for climbers who enjoy surpassing in mountain ports.

Specialized Venge

Specialized Venge The Specialized Venge It is an aerio -type bike. Like the TARMAC, it is a model conceived to offer a competition performance, but with the extra aid of an aerodynamic design. Its objective is to offer the greatest possible aerodynamic optimization to allow to roll as quickly as possible. In other words, it is a bicycle to win the sprint, so if your goal is to go out quietly along the road on weekends in a quiet rhythm, this model is not for you. It is the bicycle that Peter Sagan usually uses in the classic tests of a day. >> See aerial type bicycles Who is this bicycle for? It is a bicycle to compete, not to roll comfortable. We recommend this model if you practice Olympic triathlon or seek to participate in road tests that are not long -distance by mostly plain land.

Specialized Roubaix

Specialized Roubaix While the Tarmac and Venge models are designed to scratch every second on the road sacrificing comfort for the benefit of speed, the bicycle Specialized Roubaix It is just the opposite. This is the great background (or resistance) model of the North American manufacturer. These types of bicycles are designed to perform long -distance routes and road tests that have an irregular or asphalt profile in not very good condition. For example, it is the one used to roll through the pawn bump of the classic Paris-Roubaix (hence the name of the bicycle). Its design is designed to provide a more comfortable driving position and absorb the irregularities of the land. The equivalent model for women is the Specialized Ruby. >> See great background bicycles Who is this bicycle for? We recommend the Specialized Roubaix if you are looking for a bicycle that provides you with competition benefits on long distance routes or if you are going to make road exits with asphalt in poor condition or irregular.

Specialized Allez

Specialized Allez The Specialized Allez is a versatile bicycle, conceived to do a bit of everything but without being a specific model of Racing, Aero or great background. That is, it is a road bike for the middle amateur. In general we can say that it is a cheaper Specialized Tarmac, with more affordable components and aluminum chart. Who is this bicycle for? We recommend the Specialized Allez if you are looking for a road bike that serves you for everything: train, rolling with the grupeta and participating in some march and route without the demand to compete and look for the best possible performance. It is also an excellent option as the first route bike.

Specialized Shiv

Specialized Shiv The Specialized Shiv is one of the Most popular and most popular market bicycles. It is designed to compete at the professional level in long -distance triathlon tests (Ironman, Ultraman, etc.) and in the stages against the chrono of the great rounds of road cycling. >> See counterreloj bicycles Who is this bicycle for? This bicycle is for you if you are thinking of starting in the long distance triathlon.

Serlal and Ciclocross bicycles

Gravel is a cycling modality that has gained adherents in recent years. These are bicycles similar to those of road that have a geometry very similar to those of great background, but adapted to roll through stretches without asphalting. >> What is a serious bike for? Cyclocross, meanwhile, is a discipline of off-road competition. It is very popular in countries like Belgium. In an equivalent way to what happens with Grailer and the Great Fund, bicycles are used very similar to those of Racing Geometry Adapted for use in Earth and Mud Circuits. Within the range of Specialized bicycles you can find specific models for each of these typologies of use.

Specialized diverges

The Specialized diverges It is the serious bicycle of the American manufacturer. It is designed to have fun by forest clues, roads and land without asphalting. But it is not a bicycle that can replace a Mountain Bike. That is, in trialeras and technical paths its effectiveness is reduced. In addition, we must not forget that they do not have specific suspension components. Let's say it is the most comfortable way to go on roads with a road bike. This bicycle is recommended for cyclists who like to roll quickly by clues and dirt roads on the mostly plain terrain.

Specialized Crux

The Specialized Crux is a cyclocross bicycle and is designed to compete. While the diverge aims to provide comfortable driving for stretches out of asphalt, the CRUX is designed to gain cyclocross races. Specialized has added to its range of off-road route bicycles a third model: the Specialized Sequoia. This bicycle is designed for those who simply want to enjoy routes alternating asphalt with stretches without suffering in a comfortable way and without any demand.

Mountain bikes

Specialized was the brand that launched the first mountain bike manufactured in series, the Specialized Stumpjumper. Since then, its range of models and ranges has been diversifying to cover all mountain cycling modalities. At present, some of their models are even marketed with front and double suspension versions. These are the main mountain bicycle models of the Specialized brand what can you buy. >> How many Mountain Bike modalities exist?

Specialized Epic (XC)

Specialized Epic The Specialized Epic It is one of the most iconic mountain bicycles of the North American manufacturer and one of the double suspension bikes with the highest sales success in the market. It is a competition machine for Cross Country and Marathon (also called XC or Rally) that has conquered several world championships. In addition, the Specialized EPIC is innovative by incorporating the Brain type rear suspension system into its ranking. hand. >> See Mountain Bicycles for Cross-Country There is a model called Specialized Epic Hardtail of indicated front suspension for those who do not want to sacrifice a second as a result of wearing a rear shock. This model incorporates the lightest picture of the entire Specialized bicycle portfolio. There is also a variant of this model called Specialized Epic Evo that is characterized by a frame geometry and a front suspension that allows to enjoy greater comfort on routes that are halfway between the marathon and the trail, such as large races of the Titan Desert type. Who is this bicycle for? It is a competition bicycle with which to squeeze each section of the route. It is a very reactive bicycle to roll quickly in circuits, marches, races and both short and long -lasting tests.

Specialized Chisel (XC)

Specialized Chisel The Specialized Chisel is the Cross Country the equivalent to the Specialized Allez to the road cycling. That is, it is a competition model with a more relaxed geometry designed for amateur cyclists that do not need such a refined competition machine. Its components are more affordable and the painting is aluminum, instead of carbon, which makes it cheaper.

Specialized Stumpjumper (Trail)

Specialized bike Stumpjumper The Specialized Stumpjumper It is one of the best -selling trail bicycles in history and one of the flagships of the Californian brand. In the 2020 range it is marketed in three versions: Stumpjumper, Stumpjumper St and Stumpjumper Evo. Go up, down, roll ... Trail bicycles are built to do what most amateur cyclists do without further claim than to accumulate kilometers to enjoy this sport. They are not bicycles to compete, but to adapt to the different land profiles that we can find on both short and long routes without large technical or competitive demands. >> See Trail Bicycles The main differences between the different versions or submodels of the Specialized Stumpjumper are on the suspension and the direction angle route. In this way Specialized has adapted this Trail bicycle to the different profiles of what is called All Mountain, that is, a bicycle that serves almost everything. The stumpjumper has double suspension and can be purchased with wheels of 29 "or 27.5" and a 150mm suspension route both in the fork and in the rear shock absorber. It is enough to roll comfortably and trialeras between stones, branches and other obstacles. The stumpjumper ST has a shorter route (130mm) thinking of those who prefer good maneuverability on long routes but without great technical demands. As for the Stumpjumper Evo, it is a bicycle halfway between the trail and the enduro, since it has a more aggressive frame geometry and a longer direction angle to provide greater stability descending by sections full of obstacles. Who is this bicycle for? We recommend this bicycle if you are going to make long routes along paths and sections that demand great maneuverability and technical skill to overcome obstacles such as stones, branches or very bacheined areas both on rise and down. Depending on the type of trialeras you do you can choose one version or another (Stumpjumper St for long routes of less technical difficulty and stumpjumper evo for paths and descents closer to the enduro).

Specialized Fuse (Trail)

The Specialized Fuse is a front suspension trail bicycle that takes over from the carve model that was sold until 2019. Its main characteristic is that it is sold with wheels 27.5 "Plus. This wheel theme provides a greater width and A wider ball to offer a better grip on the ground. >> What are the wheels 27.5 "Plus? Who is this bicycle for? The Specialized Fuse is a trail bike to roll comfortably and with a good traction by paths and irregular land mostly plains.

Specialized Rockhopper (Trail)

The Specialized Rockhopper is the access bicycle to the American manufacturer's trail. It is a model built to meet the demands of the middle fan that is approaching for the first time to the Mountain Bike and does not need a specific XC machine nor will it overcome technical trialeras. Use a picture geometry very similar to Cross country bicycles and trail maneuverability. It is fast, safe and has a more content price than the Specialized Fuse. Who is this bicycle for? We recommend this bicycle if you simply want to roller on track and make marches and routes that are not long distance or great technical demands to overcome two scrambled paths and trialeras and with strong slopes. That is, it is a bike to make conventional bike.

Specialized Enduro

Specialized Enduro The Specialized Enduro, as the name implies, it is the model specifically designed for the practice of this type of mountain cycling. Of what the enduro is going to enjoy by uploading and going down technical trails full of obstacles and difficulties in the field without losing speed. There are even short circuits enabled for this purpose. >> See Enduro Bicycles This model has a distance between larger wheels and a broader suspension route than the rest of the mountain bicycles to be able to roll without losing speed by technical trails and descend between jumps, branches, roots, stones and other irregular elements of the land. It is sold with both aluminum and carbon boxes, and with wheels of 27.5 "and 29". As soon as the suspension, the 2020 range offers two variants: 160mm and 170mm travel both in the fork and in the rear shock absorber. Who is this bicycle for? We recommend the Specialized Enduro if yours is to go up and down hills by jumping and raffling obstacles. Also if you are looking to make routes that alternate different types of injured land with a medium and high technical difficulty.

Specialized demo (descent)

The Specialized Demo is not a bicycle to comfortably roll through routes and trialeras. Nor do you expect good performance. And, of course, do not take it to a cross-country test. This bicycle is not made to pedal a few kilometers by the mountain, but to descend at full speed down. The geometry of your picture is designed to compete at full speed in descent tests. It has 27.5 "wheels and some 200mm suspension tours. >> See descent bicycles Who is this bicycle for? We recommend this bicycle if yours are the descents at full speed alternating jumps and continuous turns. In other words, it is a bicycle to do what you see in Redbull's videos.
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