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What are retro -style cycling marches?

What are retro -style cycling marches?

That the retro is fashionable is undeniable. They resurrect vinyl discs, the stores that sell vintage objects and even the old video game consoles live a second youth. Why wasn't the same thing happening in sport and, more specifically, in cycling? Cyclists have always been respectful of the history of their sport, but some fans have gone a few steps beyond discussing which stage of the Italy's turn was more mythical. The classic cycling marches have been installed in the national competition calendar to which it is worth paying attention, but it is now when a greater number of fans that are pointing to them are appreciated. [embed] https://vimeo.com/45630382[/embed]

What ingredients does a classical cycling march have?

First, forget about the competition. Leave the stopwatch at home and don't worry about the classification. What reigns is the camaraderie and the old bicycles, in some cases with more than 40 years. Here it is not about arriving the first, but about enjoying the journey and doing it without hurry, running every meter of travel. Of course, in these classic competitions the style prevails, starting with the bicycles themselves. From the steel pictures to the change handles in the painting, through the pedals of rake, it is possible to see an entire technology amalgam that has been overcome by successive innovations, but which retains a unique charm. >>> The 10 technological innovations that have changed road cycling The retro style does not detach from the bicycles, but also does the protagonists, who do not hesitate to wear the most genuine clothing. It is possible to see teams of teams such as the legendary Kas, Fagor, Reynolds, Kelme or Teka. Otero bicycle There are to whom he holds the spare tires on the shoulders, to the oldest style of the first participants in the big laps. In this type of marches, it takes care of the slightest detail, such as accompaniment motorcycles, which are also a period. And the provisioning? Do not expect gels or energy drinks, here what is carried are from lifelong foods, such as potato tortilla, the typical products of the area, in many cases homemade desserts. Neither do you miss yourself, suddenly, someone happens to you a wine boot.

What classic cycling marches are celebrated in Spain?

Lovers of authentic flavor of this type of races have three inescapable quotes who can mark with red color in the calendar:

The clip pedals

It takes place in May in the Catalan town of San Martí Sarroca, in the province of Barcelona. It has two routes, one of 70 kilometers and another of 46 kilometers. It is not only a cycling march, but around it a whole program of activities is organized that pays tribute to the classic bicycle, such as exhibitions of old cycling material, painting exhibitions with the same theme, talks, workshops, etc. In addition, colloquiums with cyclists from the past and protagonists linked in one way or another with the bicycle world are celebrated. It is common for former professionals to participate in it, Joan Llaneras or the Lejarreta brothers. [embed] https://youtu.be/jvd12c20agk[/embed]

The historical

Every May of May is celebrated, with beginning and exit in the Soriana town of Abejar, this 55 -kilometer cycling march that travels several charming villages of the Castilian province. The visit to the Abejo cycling museum is forced and more than advisable to participate in the parallel acts that accompany the race. Participants travel through land and unfaired roads. To recover strength, the traditional Torreznos are not lacking in the supplies. It is common to see historical corridors in the exit line. L'Oroica

The rearview mirror

In September, in Valdecilla-Medio Cudeyo (Cantabria) there are a feast of nostalgia on wheels thanks to a march in which bicycles with less than 25 years or changes in brake handles are not supported. The total distance is 60 km and the route, which crosses the Cabárceno Nature Park, is in itself a pleasure. Without using power meters, or electronic change groups, or carbon fiber frames, retro -style cycling marches go through a great moment in form. It is another way of living cycling with an eye on the great deeds of the past.
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