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The RFEC prohibits the use of disc brakes in the Spanish Championship

The RFEC prohibits the use of disc brakes in the Spanish Championship

disc brakes Do disc brakes yes in road cycling or disc brakes? The debate is alive in the platoon for a couple of seasons. Some professional corridors, such as Tom Boonen, they are firm supporters of their use due to the technical advantages it offers. However, its use is not exempt from dangers, as demonstrated in the Fran Ventoso accident. Should they be allowed in regulated competitions or, on the contrary, should they be prohibited from the risk of cuts? The Royal Spanish Cycling Federation has just taken part in the debate positioning itself on the no. As announced yesterday, in the next Spanish cycling championship, which will be held from June 23 to 25, disc brakes will not be allowed. The decision of the maximum organism of Spanish cycling is not related to security, but to equal opportunities. The RFEC considers that bicycles that have disc brakes have a competitive advantage over those with the conventional braking system. And, since the equipment that uses the discs are a minority, the Federation estimates that there is an imbalance. It should be noted that the ICU does allow the use of disc brakes among professional corridors, but not among amateurs. Since in the Spanish cycling championship they will take both professionals and elite category (amateurs over 23), the RFEC has chosen that no one takes the exit with disc brakes.
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