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The most extreme descent in Italian Alps

The most extreme descent in Italian Alps

The sound of the wind hitting your ears, the adrenaline that furries your whole body, the colors of the mountain that challenge you to cross it, you and your bicycle of Mountain Bikand and the thin line between fear and the need to do so. Those and many more emotions are what you will feel when watching this video of the First descent made by Christoph Thoresen in Brenta Massif (Brenta Dolomiti), in the province of Trent in Italy, par excellence of Ferrata via which offers excellent opportunities to do Downhill Thoresen reports that this has been One of the best experiences of his life On the bicycle But it really was much more dangerous than as it shows in the video. In his own words, before risking this route of cycling Downhill, it is advisable to travel it on foot to study the downstream and the road in general. The video was completely recorded by this biker With a drone, and the experience of seeing it follows you at the same point as you would feel it if you were there on the bicycle, touring The narrow and dangerous paths of this dolomitic mountain range of southern limestone Alps, until ending the spectacular descent. Extreme emotions to the second final. https://vimeo.com/126415912
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