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The 10 best destinations in Europe for a bicycle vacation

The 10 best destinations in Europe for a bicycle vacation

Tourly do. When summer holidays arrive there are people looking for a sun and beach destination to disconnect from daily life and enjoy the sea. Others prefer to take refuge in the mountain. There are also those who prefer to travel to urban destinations to learn about new cities. And, of course, there are holidays as an ideal period for sports and take advantage of their passion for cycling. If the latter is your case, the British newspaper The Guardian He has prepared a guide that collects 10 European destinations where you can enjoy the bicycle while you spend the holidays. They are places that range from the forests of Sweden to the Lagunas del Algarve. Do you want to take a walk for them?


1- Cyclist turn to the Algarve

The tourist destination par excellence of summer in Portugal is the Algarve. This region to the south of the country has paradisiacal beaches and dream coves. But it also offers winding roads bordering the coast alternating up and down. If this summer you are going to travel south of Portugal, do not forget the bicycle.

2- Route by Dubrovnik

The Dalmatian coast enjoys great tourist attractions. Among them is the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, which maintains its original wall. Around it are some of the best cycling routes throughout the region. They are roads that offer a time trip crossing vineyards, peoples of medieval architecture and the so -called dynamic Alps, which exceed 2,500 meters of altitude.

Mountain Bike

3- Mountain cycling by the Andalusian Sierra

Summer and Andalusia is a combination with a safe result: heat. Despite the high temperatures that are lived in southern Spain, The Guardian newspaper recommends a cycling tour guided by Córdoba, Granada and Seville. Among the attractions that the area has, the roads that travel steep mountains and pass through dozens of small towns crowned by a castle.

4- The Danube, at the stroke of Pedal

Touring the Danube river on a river cruise is one of the many plans you can do if you travel through central Europe. Another proposal is to replace the ship with the bicycle and join the cities of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade pedaling next to the riverbank of the Danube.

Mont Ventoux

5- Pilgrimage to Mont Ventoux

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the death of Tom Simpson, at the climb to Mont Ventoux during the 1967 Fancia Tour, a travel agency organizes a 5 -day bicycle route from Sault (France) to the top of the mythical Galo Puerto . There are 78 kilometers a day with 2,200 meters of climbing the day the Mont Ventoux is crowned.

6- Renaissance bicycle trip

Italy is one of the European countries that has a greater artistic heritage. And what better way to discover it for a passionate of cycling than to do it by bicycle. A route that you can follow is the one that unites the cities of Mantua - which is made Romeo and Juliet.


7- Refugize heat in the Alps

If you are one of those who prefer the mountain to the beach and seek to be able to sleep at night without having to light the air conditioning, the French Alps are at your disposal. If you travel there, don't forget the bicycle. You can enjoy mountain cycling along the same roads through which the Tour de France runs ascending mythical ports such as the Col de la Combiera or the Col de Joux Planet.

8- Forests, castles and bicycles

The mountains of Jura in the background, the pine forests ahead and dozens of hills crowned by castles. This is the landscape offered by the Bavaria region, south of Germany. They are roads that cross forests and valleys bordering the Danube, Altmuhl, Sulz and Schwarze Laber rivers.

Bicycle in sunflowers

9- Bicycle on the Adriatic coast

The Adriatic coast offers fun roads where you enjoy devouring kilometers by the sea. One of the routes proposed in The Guardian is to travel the Istria Peninsula starting in the city of Trieste and following Slovenia until reaching Pula (Croatia), a town known for its Roman amphitheater.

10- Night routes through Scandinavian forests

Sörmland, southwest of Stockholm, is an idyllic region dotted with lakes, hills and picturesque peoples of wooden house. Pedaling by bicycle by its forests is to immerse yourself in a landscape of a quiet and relaxed nature. In addition, in summer you can roll at night along the road, since the light of day remains until midnight.

Stockholm by bicycle

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