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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIt7cVZEqX8 With a total of three distances to choose, and touring places that give up aroma to history, the IV Highland challenge The Next July 23 in the Soriana town of Fuentes de Magaña. The departure will be taken at nine in the morning. There will be different routes depending on the distance to be overcome. So, It can be chosen between the longest, 80 kilometers and with an accumulated positive slope of 2,500 meters, and others shorter than 50 km. (1,500 meters of unevenness), or 20 km. (500 m.). In addition, there is a 5 km children's test. Thus, this test adapts to the possibilities of all runners, being able to be more or less hard based on the preparation and desire of each one.
Tuvalum raffles a pack of 2 inscriptions so you can enjoy the free test next to the friend you choose
The price of registration is 15 euros for federated, and 20 for those who are not until July 16. Then, the price will increase by 5 euros. Can be formalized through Rockthesport. It is also possible to register the same day of the test (between 8 and 8:30 a.m.) for a unique price of 25 euros. Registrations include dorsal, chip chip, runner bag, showers, food, medical assistance or supply. Tuvalum raffles a pack of 2 free inscriptions to enjoy the test with the friend you choose. To participate in the draw you just have to register here. The 2017 will already be the fourth edition of a test that has been consolidated in the BTT Castellano-Leon calendar, and in which 170 runners already participated in 2016. One of the characteristics that participants like the most in this test is the place in which it develops. In the highlands hide innumerable spectacular corners, in addition to an extensive and now disused network. Precisely one of the objectives of this march is the recovery of these paths, in addition to publicizing spectacular places in the natural and loaded with history.
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