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Shimano 105 Di2: This is the most economical electronic change of the brand

Shimano 105 Di2: This is the most economical electronic change of the brand

Shimano He recently renewed one of his most widespread groups and with a better reputation among cyclists in half the world. It was a matter of time: 105 already adopts the DI2 electronic technology semi -fold drive. As you know, the same system that already used higher groups, such as Dura-Ace or Ultegra. [IRP Posts = "4259" Name = "The definitive guide of Shimano for Road Change Groups"] We talk about an exchange rate that eliminates the cables between the handlebar and battery button (integrated into the wasch or the armchair tube), but maintains the cables between drums and deviators to gain change precision and a stable connection that avoids failures . The arrival of this group aims to make electronic change technology more accessible to more amateur cyclists. However, the final price of the components is greater than in the previous mechanical version. The PVP of this new 105 round, depending on the chosen components, the 1,800 euros. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_8367" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Shimano 105 di2 transmission Image: Shimano 105 Di2 transmission.[/caption] With this renewed product, Shimano is positioned in the market with a mid -range alternative to wireless SAM AX changes. The rival Ax, who arrived a year ago, is its greatest exponent.

Shimano 105 Di2: The keys

These are the 5 main characteristics of the new electronic transmission group: 1. Goodbye to the mechanical group. From now on, Shimano 105 can only be acquired in this new electronic and semi -metal version. The Tiagra group stays as a mechanical group. 2. Technology Di2 Semiinalmbrica. It is the same as the upper-Ace and Ultegra Di2 groups. The buttons have no cables, but the deviators are activated through a cable connected to the battery (integrated into the armchair tube). 3. 12 crowns cassette. The 105 adopts, like the upper road groups, the 12 -speed cassette. The double plate option is maintained. [Captation Id = "Attachment_8361" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cassette shimano 105 di2 Image: cassette shimano 105 di2.[/caption] 4. Goodbye to Zapata brakes. The new group also dispenses with Zapata's brakes. There will only be hydraulic drive disk versions. 5. Unpublished carbon wheel model. Shimano aims to popularize the wheels of this material, and offers them lists to tubelize. Taking into account the above, an inevitable question arises: what is the main difference between a 105 DI2 group and a Ultegra or Dura-Ace2 group? The difference lies in the weight of the components. In relation to Ultegra Di2, for example, the complete group gives in scale 174 gr of more.

The new shimano 105 di2 piece by piece

Next, let's analyze in detail each of the components of Shimano 105 DI2.


We start with the unpublished cassette of 12 crowns. It keeps the small 11 teeth pinion and is also compatible with 11 -speed wheel nuclei. Therefore, even if you have an 11 V cassette from Shimano, you can install the 12 without having to change the bushing or the wheel. The available ranges are 11-34 and 11-36 teeth, very suitable for cyclists and medium-level corridors.

Rear diversion

Its leg and box combines materials such as aluminum and steel. Adopt Shadow exchange technology with integrated D-Fly connectivity. It is what allows connection with your smartphone or compatible cyclocomputer. [Captation id = "Attachment_8369" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]APP Shimano 105 Di2. Image: Shimano 105 Di2 app.[/caption] The diversion has an internal engine connected to the external and integrated battery of the armchair. It has been optimized only for 12 -speed changes and roldanas have 11 teeth. According to Shimano data, electronic change reduces by more than 50% the necessary time for the change of march, with respect to a mechanical change.

Front diversor

Same cable connectivity with the battery has the front diversor. The chain guide is made of steel with chrome anticorrosion finish and has been optimized only for 12 speeds. The battery (SD-300) is the same as that of the Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 Shimano, with an estimated autonomy of 1,000 km per load cycle.


Shimano takes advantage of the same chain used in the MTB SLX group. Its resistance and compatibility with 12 -speed transmissions have led Shimano to offer it in this road group.

Connecting rods/plates

It is offered in two versions. A set of connecting rods/plates with hollow hollow hollow (aluminum), with 50/34 and 52/36 plate options, and one simpler of two pieces with aluminum arms and 50/34 option.


Change buttons are, for the first time, wireless. They have Dual Dual Management of New Design for better ergonomics and aerodynamics. For wireless drive, a space to house a currency type pile that lasts between year and a half and two years, depending on the use.

Other components: brakes and wheels

Shimano's new 105 group dispenses with a new version of Zapata brakes. It entrusts everything to a new model of hydraulic discs and an improved ergonomics of the handles. On the other hand, brake tweezers increase their interior space by 10% with respect to the previous generation, to install and align more comfortably the pills. As for the wheels, it premieres new range in carbon fiber, regardless of the aluminum wheels that the group was set up so far. The new 105 tires have two versions according to the profile: the C32 (32 mm in profile) and the C46, ​​more rolling (46 mm in profile). The weight of the first wheel set is 1,504 grams, while the C46 rise to 1,612 g. The rear, in addition, is compatible with 11 -speed cassettes and the new 12.

Settings and customization

The new Shimano 105 Di2 also inherits aspects of adjustment and customization of change. The battery status can be verified by a small LED light integrated in the deviators, which when changing from green to red indicates a low battery status. [Captation Id = "Attachment_8365" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Shimano 105 Di2 battery level indicator Image: Shimano 105 Di2 battery level indicator.[/caption] On the other hand, it is possible to connect Bluetooth the transmission with the Shimano E-Tube mobile app. With it it is possible to configure the transmission to the taste of the cyclist. It is possible to adjust the speed of change, modify the number of jumps by pulsation and use the semi-synchronized or Full synchronized. In addition, the 105 DI2 can also be paired with almost all cyclocomputer of other brands, such as Garmin or Wahoo. A function that allows monitoring the selection of developments, or showing the battery status from the device screen.
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