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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Badajoz

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Badajoz

Badajoz is the most extensive province in Spain and in its 21,766 km square hosts very attractive corners to practice Mountain Bike. From extensive Dehesa fields between Badajoz and Mérida to the most broken areas of the Southwest Sierra or the extensive plains of the La Serena region in the East. It is also a land full of history and enclaves of great cultural value. It is one of the most important enclaves of the La Plata Route, which begins in Seville and recreates the old Roman road that connected with the north of the peninsula to Astorga. You cannot stop visiting the two most important cities in the province: Badajoz and Mérida, or villages such as Almendralejo, Villanueva de la Serena or Zafra.

Guadiana catwalk

XC Marathon route through the southern environment of the city of Badajoz, through beautiful landscapes of Extremadura. We recommend you do it especially in spring, at which time the meadows and pastures look green in all their splendor. Through paths and tracks we can visit the Roman Ruins of the Cocosa and enter the riverbank of the Guadiana River, which we cross through a catwalk.

Mérida - Vía de la Plata

Circular route with departure and arrival in Mérida, the capital of Extremadura. The route surrounds the surroundings of the Proserpine reservoir crossing the typical fields of the pasture, which is better to visit in winter and spring, which is when they reach their maximum splendor point. The layout is simple, suitable for all types of Bikers. It has only two increases from a certain entity, although on track in good condition, so it will not be a great obstacle to the most beginner cyclists. This route is one of the sections of the second part of the Ruta de la Plata, the old Roman communications road that connected Mérida with Astorga, now converted into a large cycatourist itinerary.

Route through the La Serena Valley

Badajoz is not just flat and steppe land. You can also make MTB routes of great attraction, such as this one that we propose that it is part of the Marathon Port La Cabra test, with 46.4 kilometers long and 817 meters of unevenness. This route has up to 7 increases, the last of great hardness. A route that we recommend at any time of the year, although you can try to avoid the summer months. Temperatures in the area can be especially high in the central hours of the day.
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