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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Albacete

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Albacete

Although a good part of its orography is flat, the province of Albacete hides natural wonders that are worth traveling by mountain. Not everything is Manchega plain, for example to the north is the channel of the Cabriel, with its children and cannons, which you can visit on a beautiful route from Alcalá del Jucar. You can also border the more than 20 lagoons that form the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de Ruidera, the popularly called La Mancha Beach. Finally, towards the south we find the Sierra de Alcaraz, from where the world, tributary of the Safe, from a huge 300 m height canyon in the form of a waterfall and surrounded by leafy Mediterranean forests.

Júcar Canyon Route

Tour and end in Alcalá del Júcar, one of the most beautiful towns in the province where you can visit the Júcar cannons, large deep hoces and cliffs in the river's river course that bears the same name, of great landscape beauty. The route begins in the picturesque town of Albacete and runs most parallel to the river, inside the canyon. It will be necessary to roll carefully in some sections because the left side is quite exposed to the river, although having caution there is hardly any risk of falling. In addition to the route through the river canyon, it goes up twice to the top of the cliffs, entering the most typical landscapes of the Manchega plain, specifically those of the Manchuela region.


The Ruidera lagoons form the head of the Guadiana River, in addition to being part of a natural park of high ecological and also recreational value. Its shores of fine sand are filled with bathers every summer, popularly calling this enclave like the Albacete beaches either La Mancha Beach. Around them you can make different Mountain Bike routes. This one that we present to you is long, although it does not involve great difficulty. It leaves from Ossa de Montiel and the first part of the route is flat, although it marked for repeches. Shortly after a long and fun descent towards the lagoons begins. In this route some of the greatest and most important are bordered: that of the king, the hanging or the beating, before returning again to the Manchego people in a slight climb.

Birth Route of the World River

In the Sierra de Alcaraz, south of the province almost at the border with Jaén is the place of the birth of the World River, visited every year by thousands of people. The world is a tributary of the Segura River that emerges to the surface in the form of a gigantic waterfall from a cliff or cliff 300 meters high. It is the main attraction of this demanding route of almost 60 kilometers and 1,600 meters of positive slope, with the beginning and end in the town of Riopar. The layout combines asphalt, tracks, trails and trialeras, with a high technical component in the birth zone of the river. The most recommended year of the year to make this route is spring, which is when the most water has the cataract and the rest of the cascades of the place.
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