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Purchase guide: What are the best serious bicycles?

Purchase guide: What are the best serious bicycles?

Gravel is the fashion modality in cycling. More and more events and competitions emerge in the calendar and the ICU will include it in 2022 in its competition calendar, including a world championship. If you have chopped the Grambus bug but you are a little misplaced when choosing the right bicycle, this purchase guide is for you. In addition, we share our particular top 5 Gravel bicycles To know the reference models in the market.

What should you look at to buy a serious bicycle

When looking for your first or new serious bicycle you must look, above all, in these five characteristics:

1. The picture

There is a wide variety of paintings inside the Gravel, depending on the material and its geometry. Of the former, aluminum is the star material, for its versatility, durability and content price. But if what you want is to squeeze about your grave and roll quickly on the roads, you should value carbon for their lightness and absorbent properties of potholes and vibrations. There is also the steel option. A classic material that has revived with the Grance for adventure bicycles, more focused on cycling, travel of several days, etc.
Steel cadres are an option to value in grass for its resistance, durability and reduced price
Finally, he loses a few minutes reviewing his geometry. Unlike road bicycles, serious bicycles have angles and measures that enhance a balanced and comfortable posture, stability and handling above other factors. Starting from this base, you can distinguish 3 types of serious in the current market:

Grave Racing

They are performance -centered bicycles, with more sporty geometry, very similar to road models: address angles from 70 to 72º, reduced stack and 420 mm pods to 425 mm.

Grave Trail

They enhance more management, stability and good behavior on trails and technical sections. The angle of the direction will lower a degree or two with respect to the previous ones, the direction pipe is shorter and the pods increase its length.

Grave Bikepacking

The original concept of the Grave. Classical road bike geometry. The rear trunk has larger pods, 435 mm or greater, the height of the box is lower and the most centered and relaxed posture.

2. The tires

While in other modalities it is not a crucial factor, in grass they acquire capital importance. The diversity of land for which a bicycle is prepared so requires specific covers. There are various options to choose from. You must first attend to its width and see the compatibility of the wheel pass of each bicycle. The width usually ranges between 32 mm and 44 mm, although increasingly entering models with gigantic wheel steps, such as those of a mountain bicycle up to 55 mm (2.10 ”). In addition, you can also find bicycles with double compatibility in diameters: good 700c (more rolling) or 650b (more manageable). Finally, it also examines the tire drawing and its tacos. The finer and less reinforced these are the more rolling the tire. Very important will also be to have TUBELESS READY decks, since GraveL routes are usually pricking much more than on the road.

3. Transmission

The Gravel, to be a hybrid modality that takes elements from other specialties such as the road or the MTB, also adopts several transmission models. The double dish is very alive as an option for adventure or bikepacking, while monopathing is being imposed on performance or trail bicycles due to its greater mechanical simplicity. In addition, if you want to go to the last and not buy a bike that in a short time is a little outdated, make sure that it includes as standard a GraveL specific transmission group with components adapted to this specific modaldiad, such as ergonomic handles or the most robust deviators. Shimano already has its own Gravel group, the GRX, Campagnolo el Ekar and SRAM has just launched its XPLR components of ax wireless change.

4. The fork

Gravell bicycles can also include front suspension, a somewhat smaller travel than a mountain bike. In general, include a specific severe for a 20 mm to 40 mm. However, if what you have in mind is to do only rolling routes, in plain or by track, we do not recommend you to get a serious suspension bicycle; In these cases it is better to opt for a rigid fork. If it is carbon, much better, since this material will reduce the weight and mitigate a good part of the vibrations of the potholes. In any case, do not forget that A serious bicycle does not replace a mountain bike nor is it practical to roll through very technical sections.

5. Equipient accessories

Although it has evolved a lot in recent years, the essence of serrel cycling is, above all, adventurous. Explore new routes outside the asphalt with a rolling bike with a versatile point. Therefore, in these expeditions it may be necessary to have equipment where you carry everything you need to solve any setback. Even a tent if you plan to make very long adventure routes out of asphalt that require spending the night away from urban areas. Therefore, many paintings are prepared as standard with anchors to install spare parts bags, lights or saddlebags. It is a characteristic to assess whether you intend to use your bicycle to make long routes or trips scheduled by stages.

Our favorite serious bicycles

What serious bicycle choose? We have chosen our five most attractive bicycles of Grave to guide you in your future purchase. Five reference models depending on each and every one of the serious concepts mentioned in the previous paragraphs:

Scott Addict Grave

Carbon picture, aerodynamic lines, integration ... the bicycle Scott Addict Grave It is the best example of what is a serious performance or Racing. In its upper assemblies use the same HMX carbon fiber of its road boxes, lowering the weight below 8.2 kg (high -end model). On the other hand, it comes with large -width standard covers (45 mm). Available in 5 different versions, one of them specific for women (answer) and an option of only table to mount your serious bike to the letter. https://youtu.be/sO5dDuThpL4

Canyon Grizl

The Canyon Grizl It is a new model that is called to be a reference for the grave more oriented to long routes, bikepacking, etc., with a good balance between performance and comfort. It is a bicycle that enters the subcategory of adventure bicycles. From its range we highlight the Grizl CF SL, with carbon picture and adjusted price, relaxed geometry and several anchor points to install bags, light holder, etc. [Captation Id = "Attachment_6823" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "1060"]Canyon Grizl (Image assigned by Canyon)[/caption]

Cannondale Topstone

A more exclusive grave of carbon fiber, with front suspension thanks to its 30 mm lefty monobrazo monover fork, to enter the most technical roads and paths. Its wheel pass is especially wide, mounting 47 mm covers. The Cannondale Topstone It is one of the best bicycles of the Grave Trail segment. https://youtu.be/xWAtOv0msQ4

BH Serlax

Within the national market we highlight the model BH Serlax, a balanced and versatile bicycle, with carbon painting options (more performance oriented) and aluminum (plus cycling). We highlight especially the latter for newcomers to Grave Discipline. An addictive bicycle with which comfortably shoots by track and combine with highway sections, with a very attractive departure price. [Captation id = "Attachment_6824" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "1300"]BH Serlax (Image assigned by BH)[/caption]

Giant Revolt E+

A serious electric bicycle? Why not? Many brands have gathered the fashion segments of cycling, grave and e-bikes, in the concept of e-shall to increase the mileage of your routes without adding an extra effort. We highlight one of the novelties of the last catalog of the season, the Giant Revolt E+ With aluminum box, Syncdrive Pro engine and high capacity battery, which comes to contribute an autonomy of 160 kilometers. [Captation Id = "Attachment_6825" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "960"]Giant Revolt E+ (Image assigned by Giant)[/caption]
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