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Orbea Oiz: The 7 reasons that support its success

Orbea Oiz: The 7 reasons that support its success

There are really few Bikers In the world that do not know the Orbea Oiz. In its almost 15 years of history, the bicycle of Cross country Double suspension of the Spanish brand has become a symbol of this sport thanks to various factors. Factors that, have resulted in one of the best -selling bicycles in their category worldwide. In addition, we must not overlook the fact that it has been designed in our country. This aspect has also contributed to its enormous popularity among Bikers Spanish people. But what really attracts from Orbea Oiz? What is the secret of your omnipresence in marches, races or any Sunday group? Why is it still sales leader almost 15 years after its launch? For a mixture of the following factors.

Dilated History

Orbea mountain bike cyclist Oiz orbea is a veteran model within the market Mountain Bike And this already involves an advantage over rival models with less development or little settled in it. It was launched in 2006 as a double suspension XC bicycle aimed at runners and amateur cyclists seeking pure performance at each output, at the same time with an efficient rear suspension system that will not reduce stiffness to the painting. For this, the Basque brand engineers devised the UFO suspension system. Already in its beginnings it incorporated solutions such as the use of carbon flexion to remove rotation points in the painting and save weight. At the same time it retained a very necessary level of rigidity for runners Cross country. This revolutionary system was the basis for creating a fast and very manageable off -road bicycle. >> See Country Cross Bicycles

Competition development

The First Orbea Oiz It was very characteristic thanks to the shock absorber at the top of the rear triangle, which remained practically unchanged until 2012, at which time the third generation was developed. A development that had as its main test bank the World Cup of Mountain Bike and two champions of the same as probative pilots: Julien Absalon and Catharine Pendrel. Both ran with prototypes of the New Orbea Oiz, whose design of the painting, still created for 26 ”wheels, looked much more to the current model and where it began to be experienced with the monocoque construction of the painting, the integration of the rear shock absorber into the same and other technological solutions of modern mountain bicycles. The result of these advances was a lighter, rigid and agile bicycle for the circuits of Cross country and XC marathon tests.

Avant -garde and technological

The competition has been the best testing bank of the technologies applied to the Oiz orbea. The Spanish brand has the Oiz as the target of all advances for the manufacture of paintings and the integration of the components in it. Precisely this picture is one of the brand's crown jewels and one of the reasons for its success. In its generations of 2012 and 2014, the technique of monocoque manufacturing, in one piece, and the use of high module fibers (OMR, recently OMX), with one of the best weight/stiffness ratios. Likewise, the work with the carbon absorption properties, base of the UFO rear suspension system, has remained constant since the first 2006 model. They have especially applied it in the braces, with a special disposition of the fibers at this point for that be able to flex without deforming to a critical point. The solution allows you to do without an extra turning point on the rear axle, which would provide extra weight. The length of the pods has also been minimized (in the current model it is 430 mm, one of the shortest in the segment), which results in a reduced, rigid and light rear triangle, ideal to transmit all the energy of the pedaling to the bicycle and increase its acceleration power.

A bike for everything

Oiz orbea bicycle This monocoque configuration, with the rigid rear triangle, without suspension points, varies in the current generation (the sixth) depending on the chosen version. Because the current Orbea Oiz has unfolded in two variants, a purely Cross country (XC version), and another closer to the trail (TR). This range expansion follows the current tendency to perform a more absorbent and comfortable bicycle, for long tests by very technical stages or circuits. Thus, the geometry of the picture of one or another variant is a bit different, with more launched angles, longer reach and stack and 20 mm more suspension route on both axes. [IRP posts = "3919" name = "What are the Stack and Reach of a bicycle and why they are important"] However, Orbea has not been carried away by fash at key points not to be left behind and also attract new Bikers (Short pods, long reach, etc).

Practical details

In addition to the light and worked painting, Oiz orbea has always been a bicycle designed to facilitate life to biker. It has several technological solutions designed for this purpose, such as the optimized internal cable guided, which hides to the shock absorber block. This, also together with the integration of this camouflage under the tube itsperior, leaves space to install up to two portabidones, a very attractive possibility for marathon test runners. It also incorporates, in its latest model, the SRAM UDH change patilla, a new standard compatible with all the rear divers on the market (SRAM, Shimano, Box, Sunrace). This will make, in case of breakage of this, it is easier to find the spare. In addition, the Orbea Oiz box has serial plastic protectors, double injection, very light and protect the most sensitive parts. The OC power (acronym for orbea components), meanwhile, comes with a cyclocomputer support optional, compatible with the main models that use standard adapters.

Quality-price ratio

Orbea oiz tr It is one of the main arguments of the Sales success of Orbea Oiz. Although it is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies in the market, it is not an elitist bicycle, because it opts for efficient but not very exclusive montages, prioritizing, as we have seen, the practical sense of these. In addition, Oiz Orbea also has versions with hydroformed aluminum box, whose finish imitates the monocoque termination of El Carbon. This range in aluminum is not limited to one or two models, as has been happening in rival brands for some time, but is offered in three different montages, all within the most versatile configuration, the trail (120 mm). Comparing with one of its great rival models in the market, the Specialized Epic, the OIZ orbea adjusts more prices in its carbon range, without excessively diminishing the quality of the components. Its entrance model, the M30, part of € 3,599, while the EPIC starts at € 3,999 in its Evo de Down Country version (120-110 mm). Also, the Oiz range includes aluminum variants in its range (although only in TR version), which reduces the price by 1,000 euros, versions that Specialized Epic does not have, since it is only available with carbon box. >> See second -hand orbea oiz bicycles

A viral bicycle

All aspects previously commented, use of advanced manufacturing technologies, XC and trail/marathon geometry, practical solutions and contained prices, are complemented by an effective and novel marketing campaign in social networks that has positioned the Oiz orbea as the leader of its segment. Orbea has taken advantage of the potential of social networks, using the power to capture Influencers of the sector, to promote your Oiz. We have seen cyclists very often in the networks, such as Tomi Misser, rolling with the double XC for their favorite careers and marches or performing all kinds of tests and training, which has increased their visibility and presence in these mass monitoring channels. The quality and versatility of Orbea Oiz is out of doubt, but in its success it has also had to see its longevity in the market and the intense marketing campaign behind it. You have to objective these aspects to see the model in perspective. Orbea Oiz is still a model designed for performance. It is not a bicycle designed for a biker occasional or novel. In fact, it is not economical and does not offer a viable version for this cyclist profile. Therefore, if you do not consider yourself a biker At a good level you have not even considered competing, even if it is occasionally, the double of Orbea may not be the best purchase option.
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