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Is it worth investing on carbon wheels for my mountain bike?

Is it worth investing on carbon wheels for my mountain bike?

Carbon fiber wheels have finally settled in the Mountain Bike, although they have done it a little later than in road cycling. Its lowest weight has been the main argument of success in high -end bicycles. But more and more Bikers That, with a mid -range bicycle, they have decided to lighten it, buying and installing a pair of carbon wheels. If you are one of those Bikers That you are considering buying some carbon wheels, but you are not sure if it is worth making this investment, after we count the pros and cons that the aluminum wheels of your mountain bike have changed through carbon tires.

Point in favor: They are lighter

Mountain Bike wheels It is the great advantage of a tire made of carbon fiber. It also multiplies its benefits as it is the largest motion component of the bike. This means that weight savings, around 400 grams average by torque, will notice much more if you install carbon wheels than if you do the same with a handlebar, power or shell, smaller pieces that are not so decisive when moving the bicycle. On the other hand, the weight of the wheels in rotation also increases inertia, which is necessary to modulate when lowering, or reducing through your forces if you go up. The control or reduction of inertia entails an increase in energy expenditure by the cyclist. [IRP posts = "2041" name = "The key to lighten the weight of your bicycle is on the wheels"] For this reason, lightening the weight on the wheels you will not only roll faster, but also save strength.

Point in favor: They are more rigid

Bicycle mechanic The degree of structural rigidity of a carbon wheel for Mountain Bike It is greater than an aluminum, using less material. And in a component as important for a bicycle as wheels, their beneficial effects are multiplied, as with the weight. This increase in rigidity translates into better sensations when bicycle handling. This property allows inertia to be contained in the wheel and does not dissipate as much as in aluminum wheels, getting less flexing. Thanks to this you will feel the movement of the direction in your hands, almost like an extension of them. [IRP Posts = "3967" name = "Everything you need to know to buy some wheels of Mountain Bike"] In the same way, a more rigid and light wheel is more controllable in the management of curves, as well as in accelerations and when climbing slopes.

Point in favor: Carbon is more resistant

At this point the time comes to disassemble the widespread and false myth that carbon wheels are less resistant than aluminum. The composition of the material used, the carbon composite (which is used to manufacture the bicycle frames), a mixture of synthetic fibers and resins, increases the union of the different carbon sheets that form the piece. With this, a very hard, rigid and stable compound material is achieved at high temperatures, which is capable of dissipating the force of an impact (such as stones, reception of jumps or shocks) with greater efficacy. In this video of the ager structural engineering company you can check and extract your own conclusions about the composite carbon resistance, in the face of great intensity blows with respect to other materials, such as aluminum or steel: https://youtu.be/mnDL6E9NoF8

Point against: they are more difficult to repair

The aspect that perhaps has falsely fed the myth of carbon fragility for Mountainbike It is precisely the type of carbon breakage. From the outset that it is much more difficult and uncommon for a carbon tire to be damaged with an impact, compared to an aluminum. But the truth is that, once broken, it is much more difficult to repair it, being in most cases unusable. Due to its ultra -rigid and little density properties, carbon is broken, crack or part, while aluminum is only abolished, thus allowing to continue using (although its sharing will no longer be the same and should be repaired). [IRP posts = "1021" name = "Do I buy an aluminum bike or a carbon bike?"] This aspect is one of the few inconveniences offered by carbon wheels for mountain bicycles. Due to the nature of the land, they are more exposed than those of the road to the impact of external elements, especially in the most radical disciplines, such as the enduro and the descent, being able to leave and make its repair practically impossible.

Point against: its price is higher

MTB cyclists Another of the barriers to buy a set of carbon wheels for Mountainbike It is its high price. They are still more expensive than aluminum, although in recent times they have reached the market specific low -cost brands that use somewhat heavier composites. The average disbursement in a pair of carbon tires, with its radios and bushings already installed, is around one thousand euros. On the other hand, similar range aluminum wheels have a price below half, around 400 euros. The complex manufacturing process of carbon components, which require special molds that endure very high temperatures, as well as the highest price of the raw material, make the final sale price higher.


The introduction of carbon fiber on the wheels of Mountainbike It has been, without a doubt, a great advance for discipline, for its previously explained benefits. But the increase in the sale price and the high price to be paid in case of breakage, which does not mean low resistance, are the two main barriers when deciding on them. Therefore, we recommend that these pros and cons values ​​and that reflections for which purpose you want to install them. If you are an obsessed with weight and your intention is to favor performance improvement, without a doubt the purchase of a carbon wheel set is an investment that you will quickly amortize. If you are a Rider Lover of radical routes or descents, your decision should be more thoughtful. First you must have a certain level and experience in this type of land, knowing how to control the bike in extreme, cut or closed curves. A quality that will eventually expose the tire to the blows and at the same time enjoy carbon improvements. If you are a biker Novel, it is more recommended that you start with aluminum wheels. Repairs in case of receiving a blow are easier to perform and cheaper. In addition, during driving you will have sensations of control and management in the very acceptable declines.
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