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How to recover the way after holidays

How to recover the way after holidays

Retaking out bicycle outputs or training after a holiday period, such as Christmas or Summer, is a process that is usually complicated for many cyclists. The excesses that are committed with food and lack of exercise can make us win a few kilos of more than then we have to take off and sometimes take its toll when we recover our routine by bicycle. There are those who prefer not to stop on vacation and leave less frequently or their training are not so intense. It is what is usually called active rest. But even avoiding the total break, the return to the routine entails, necessarily, a change in planning, if what you want is to recover the way it was counted before the holidays. This change is a return to the training routine, exits, routes, etc. But the secret of a satisfactory return to normal lies in doing so progressively. Back to the frequency and intensity of pre -vacation training is counterproductive and will only delay the achievement of the objective. In this sense, we indicate what you should do correctly and what not to build a new peak.

Plan your return to the bicycle

Cyclist couple Before resuming your bicycle outings, whether alone or accompanied, most preparators recommend to stop for a moment to order and plan these outputs. Organize your time and create a table or calendar with all the outputs planned for the first week or month of activity. This simple fact will give you a plus of extra motivation. For more comfort, free mobile applications such as Trainingpeaks either Kudo Coach They can help you elaborate these calendars, in addition to helping you with the follow -up of it. There are as many training plans as cyclists are rolling on the roads, so you will have to adapt yours to your time, labor or academic obligations and free time. To refine more in planning and that this is completely profitable and effective, requesting the help of a specialized coach will be very useful.

Start with short and moderate intensity outings

Cyclist pedaling on top of the bicycle As we have already said, obsessing with quickly recovering the state prior to vacations is the worst thing that can be done on these dates. The muscles and joints have adapted to the physical break or active rest and submit them to great stress with intense outputs will cause the feared on training, with the appearance of fatigue and injuries. [IRP Posts = "186" Name = "5 Simple tricks to avoid injuries when you pass by bicycle"] The majority of professional cyclist teams agree that the return to training must be slow and progressive. One of them, the NTT Pro Cycling team coach, Elliot Lipski, affects the idea in this article of Cycling Weekly, betting on soft exits, respecting rest periods. The first bicycle outings after a holiday stop should never exceed the aerobic threshold (in case you form with a heart rate monitor) with an intensity between 60% or 70% of the maximum heart rate for a maximum of an hour and a half.

The intensity rises progressively

GPS cyclocomputer You can only include series of greater intensity, such as uploading some steep refinus or making a sprint, as the days pass and always combined with outputs of smooth or moderate rolling. This will awaken and strengthen new ligaments and tendons without risk of appearance of discomfort or injury, while burning fat and the weight gained on vacation is reduced.

Combine the bicycle with the gym

Many professional cyclists are regular at the gym in preseason. Carry out the strengthening of the muscles involved in the pedaling, legs and abdomen, mainly, will help you strengthen more quickly and effectively muscles and joints. [IRP Posts = "1455" Name = "Exercises for Triathlon Force Training"] To begin with, opt for low impact exercises, which do not imply the use of extra weight (dumbbells, bars or presses). Very important, in this sense, are the strengthening exercises of the Core, the set of muscles that provide balance and stability to the human body, grouping abdomen, buttocks or lumbar.

Change your eating habits

sandwich On vacation it is inevitable to win a few kilos for reducing (or stopping) training and having more free time for dinners or meals with friends, family, etc. The polvorones at Christmas or the rations in the beach beach in summer spend an invoice. Therefore, on the return to the activity, in addition to the outputs by bicycle or the gym, you must improve your diet and reduce the copious meals with family or friends. It is good to establish a diet rich in proteins and vitamins, with priority for fresh food and maximum reduction of processed foods and prepared dishes. The reduction of weight will depend, to a greater extent, on your diet, more than the exercise and is an essential step to improve the physical form.

Do not compare yourself with other cyclists

Mountain cyclist It is possible that some of your groupmates have rested less during the holidays and are in a state more advanced than yours. Compare or measure themselves with them with the intention of improving, either at the same output or through apps such as Strava, will end up harming you. Focus on your training plan and build the way by fixing you only in your data. This will avoid the premature appearance of tiredness or muscle discomfort and even injuries caused by the envelope.

Do not be impatient

It is possible that your climbing towards the optimal way you had before the holidays is not as fast as you had planned. You should not worry about it. Do not hurry, the season is very long and it is better that the arrival at the optimal point is delayed for it to arrive early. The body takes to assimilate the new efforts but has memory. Even the two weeks or a full rest month are the best base on which to build the new peak. Being prudent and not accelerating the training plan can be very beneficial in the long run, even improving the last peak form.
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