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How to choose lights for your bicycle

How to choose lights for your bicycle

Regulations on the margin, acquire good Lights for your bicycle It will allow you to enjoy even more time your fondness for cycling. And with more security. What is the best purchase option? Well, there is no single answer. It depends on the cycling modality that you practice, since each one has its peculiarities. It is not the same to use lights to alert your road position than to use spotlights to negotiate trialeras with the mountain bike.
The offer of lights in the market is gigantic and before buying them you should ask yourself: What do I need them for? What kind of routes will I do with them?
The power of bike lights is conditioned by The number of lumens. What does it sound like? It is a value that appears (or should appear) in the specifications of any bicycle light. The lumen is the unit of measure that defines the level of lighting of our device. Indicates the amount of light emitted in a certain period of time. Let's say Determine intensity; How brilliant is light. There are 5 lumens bicycles and there are 4,000 lumens, even 8,000. And what is yet to come ...
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Here you have to understand one thing, especially when we refer to front lights. Those lumens can concentrate or focus Towards a point, or understanding a Large action radio. Similar to the effect of a camera zoom, to understand us. This circumstance is decisive to perceive a light as very bright or unlimited. That is, a Powerful light (With many lumens) it does not necessarily have to be the one you need. If your radius of action is very wide, it will illuminate greater surface, but it will be more dim. It will give other types of land information. Neither better nor worse: different.
The most powerful light is not always the one that illuminates better.
In fact, a less powerful light may fulfill its function better because, in addition, it can have more autonomy and be cheaper. It is understood?
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On the other hand, not all brands use the same method to measure lumens. Do not trust alleged Chollos in non -specialized stores or completely unknown brands. Another capital theme associated with bicycle lights is its autonomy. It is a variable aspect that depends on many factors: on the power supply, the mode of use, the lumens, the environmental conditions, etc. Some include alkaline batteries, and even button -type batteries. But if we talk about frontal, good lights will normally work with Rechargeable Lithium Batteries. Almost all are recharged via USB through a cable, although there are also with this port integrated into its structure for more comfort. Buying lights with rechargeable batteries is always a good idea; Normally, from class 18650. Those of normal or button batteries correspond to modest and less reliable lights. They can get you out of trouble in an urban environment, but little else.
Do not forget that the batteries will tend to degrade over time. That something inevitable, so you always have spare games.
When talking about batteries, we must underline that there are two possible configurations: Internal battery lights (integrated) and External battery lights. We will talk about them later. To make the most of energy and not run out of light in the middle of a route, it is best to use the correct lighting mode in each situation. If you ask for a well -lit zone, keep for when the thing gets ugly. Dark, rather. In this sense, you can find lights with a security device that manages the intensity of the light at the time it detects that the load is coming to an end. This can save you from a good hurry.

The installation of the lights on your bicycle

An issue to take into account is the way the lights are installed on the bicycle. The simplest lights are usually sold with small Rubber rings They hug the handlebar or the armchair. The advantage is that they are Easy to install and that adapt without problem with tubes with different sections. The same installation is usually applied to the front and rear light. One more step in security are the lights they use resistant or metal plastic clamps. Often, they make sure with bolts or screws, which allows almost any focus to be installed, however heavy, without fear of moving from their position. It is the most common type of coupling for the use of more specific foci. Many models of integrated battery lights include their Bike coupling separately. It is recommended. But there are also models whose coupling is part of the same structure of the focus. Take it into account when making your purchase, since there are not always spare parts in case of breakage.
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Another important issues is resistance against water. There is IP code that determines the degree of protection in this regard, and which states in the device packaging itself. The lights with denomination IP4 They offer resistance to splashes, while the code IP7 Indicates a resistance within the water of up to 30 minutes. Some front lights allow not only to recharge their own batteries, but also to recharge any other electronic device thanks to the presence of USB ports. This issue is particularly interesting in the case of long distance routes

Mountain bicycles lights

The choice of Mountain bicycles lights It is a delicate issue. The debates between Bikers About lighting are a classic of the MTB. In fact, nocturnal marches and exits are an attraction associated with this cycling modality. If you have not done any, you are missing a world new sensations by bicycle. Here are the FOCUS AND FRONT LIGHTS those that are in the center of the debate. When pedaling by the mountain, the important thing is to see, and not so much to be seen, as in road cycling. Therefore, a rear light of 50 lumens It may be sufficient if yours is to roll by paths and paths without motorized traffic. We have already anticipated that there are lights with Internal battery (integrated into the same device) and with Extreme battery (with independent focus and power supply). The external battery lights bind to the power supply with a cable. Normally, the battery comes with a protective case and some velcro type closure, ready to be installed somewhere in the box. Bicycle focus with external battery It is there where the game enters the cyclist's imagination. Ideally, drums and lamp are installed very close, so that the cable that links them as little as possible for our bicycle. In addition, you must be careful so that the battery does not cause friction In the picture of your bike, especially if it is carbon. A great advantage Of these lights is that they dissipate a good part of the heat that is concentrated within the lights with integrated battery, which can damage the system and cause us a serious disgust. This circumstance also favors that the brightness of LEDs of the focus can be especially intense. Here it is about finding the balance between the power and durability of the batteries.
Pedaling several hours with an internal battery light at full power multiplies at risk of having an accident.
When acquiring frontal lights, your priority will be to find those that allow you anticipate the terrain. Therefore, your first impulse may be to look for lights with the maximum scope. But it is not always the best decision. When you pedal on roads and trails, a good light that allows you visibility to dozens of meters is more than enough. Therefore, Avoid paying more For some lights that exceed your needs. The most advisable is to combine Two types of front lights: one or two In the handlebar that have an angle of open light (around 120º, more or less), and another For the helmet, more focused. The first will allow you to flood a wide visual field of light, beyond the boundaries of the road. With the second, you can have a perfect vision of land accidents. [Captation id = "Attachment_7100" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Mountain bicycle front light Image: Aomsin / Pixabay.[/caption] In addition, setting up a focus on the helmet allows you direct the beam of light Where you look at. With this you earn security, especially when drawing curves. You already know that to negotiate them you must sign up for their exit. In this way you will have them perfectly illuminated. In any case, there are also spotlights with adjustable lenses that allow both options. And if not, there is always the option of acquiring cheap lenses that are attached to the optics of the focus to achieve a similar effect. It is not an optimal solution, but ... As for the intensity, we advise you not to venture with less than 500 lumens. One of 1,500 lumens It will already give you a comfortable roll, without the price from involving a big problem. In the market there are a thousand options with thousands of lumens, but they are more expensive and are not usually necessary.

Specific lights for road bicycles

If yours is road cycling, do not skimp when buying a good Rear red light. It is essential to be well visible to the rest of the road users, even in broad daylight. It also seeks to emit light at a wide angle (ideally, 180º), so that you are equally visible laterally. Although there is no rule, you should look for devices of at least 100 lumens. In Spain, the normative It dictates that the cyclists must carry the lights on in front and behind whenever we circulate at night, crossing tunnels or lower steps, and when the weather conditions require it.
An intermittent and visible rear light in daylight is the most effective measure to alert other vehicles of our presence.
Almost all are coupled to the armchair tube by means of a adjustable elastic band. As if it were a tiny belt. There are also models with accessories that allow to attach the light in the rail rails. Thus, it is more fixed and integrated into the bike.
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Here you should take into account the Tija Design. If it is a recent model of Aero road, it may be wedge -shaped. In this case, having a larger than normal diameter, they can hinder the installation of your device. It is common for the coupling not to adapt perfectly to the shape of the tube and ends up out of time with the passage of the kilometers. In addition, elastic bands can suffer a Over -standing that ends spoiling the rubber. It is not serious, but consider. To circulate at night, a light mounted on the handlebar with internal battery may be your best option. As for the power, we recommend you Between 200 and 400 lumens, depending on whether you move through the city or road.
The current lights have fixed and intermittent positions with different degrees of intensity. Add them to environmental light conditions to save battery.
An option is to acquire lights smart that adapt automatically depending on natural light. It is one of the many technological innovations introduced in this accessories segment in recent years. In fact, all the latest generation lights are controllable via mobile app in real time, and compatible with many cyclocomputer and other electronic devices.
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