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Did you know that riding a bicycle reduces the risk of getting the flu?

Did you know that riding a bicycle reduces the risk of getting the flu?

Cyclist with neck pain That cycling is a source of health is something we already knew. Assembly regularly favors the circulatory system, improves our state of form and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Now, a study also points out that cycling also prevents flu. This study, conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicinem, concludes that practicing cycling intensely for at least two and a half hours a week reduces the risk to take the flu by 10 percent. According to the researchers, the pedaling rhythm is very important. For cycling to act as a cold prevention factor, the activity on the bicycle must be intensely enough to break to sweat or breathe difficult. Cyclists According to Dr. Alma Adler, one of the researchers who has participated in the study, "although the findings are preliminary, cycling really shows a health benefit. It is something that everyone can do to reduce their probability of contracting the flu . This is not the first time that a scientific study relates the practice of cycling as a disease prevention mechanism. Another analysis carried out by a Dutch research team points out that assembling a bicycle regularly is equivalent to lengthening the life expectancy in 14 months.
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