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Choose the best cycling clothes for spring

Choose the best cycling clothes for spring

Choose the best cycling clothes Depending on the weather is not a simple matter. Especially, in spring, a station in which the weather is very changing. Can I look short, or long? Can I put sleeves, or a thermal jacket? Wool, or cotton socks? Equipped to walk by bike at this time requires versatile clothes and adaptable to very changing conditions. The thermal contrast is usually the norm and the changes of time, even on the same day, they cause a dilemma in front of the closet. The need to dress is often mentioned layer -based To warm over the bike. In spring, this practice is almost mandatory. As the temperature increases, you can thus strip you of the clothes you have; gradually. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_655" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cycling woman hoping her jersey Image: Munbaik - Unspash[/caption] And how to choose The appropriate clothing? There are no unique solutions, but equipment adapted to different circumstances and typologies of cyclists. It is not the same to walk by bike than to give everything in a training.
To succeed with your cycling equipment is essential to obtain maximum comfort and performance.
But although each cyclist is a world, there is Technical clothing which contributes so that a spring bike route becomes a pleasant experience. In the next guide we help you dress from head to to enjoy the bike at this time of year.


As spring advances, it is normal for you to start using cooler footwear or summer. If possible, with mesh inserts on its tip and instead to achieve maximum perspiration. Unless you are surprised by a rain and cold storm, forget about the covers and high winter boots designed with neoprene or thermal tissues. Otherwise, your feet will suffer annoying overheating and swim in sweat. MTB shoes Yes you could use, promptly, FINE SHEETS of lycra. In fresh and wet days, they provide you with slight protection and preserve your splashes footwear. Even some cover They can be a good alternative, since you can easily remove them and barely take up space.


You must also have by hand Fine cotton socks. First thing in the morning, you may feel some cold. But keep in mind that on a quiet day of spring the temperature rises quickly. Therefore, we advise you to wear thick winter, or wool socks. With the movement of the pedaling, the feet and legs are the parts of the body that previously enter into heat. socks Remember also to equip yourself with designed socks specifically for cycling: With flexible and anatomical seams, and heel or finger reinforcement areas. Never use street or standard sport socks.


In spring, the short culotte It charges prominence. However, at this time of the year there are still days with very cold mornings, days of strong winds and also with rain. Therefore, do not give up a long culotte and a couple of perneras. The latter will even be more practices in days of great thermal variation. Another option, increasingly widespread, is the use of Culottes three quarters, which cover up to the knee. This area is particularly sensitive to cold, so at temperatures below 15-16ºC they are an alternative to take into account.


How to choose the Cycling jersey more appropriate when spring arrives? It may be this garment that generates the most. Do I wear a long sleeve or short sleeve? When walking by bike, torso and arms are the parts of the body that take the most to warm up. If you leave on morning cold days, or cloudy, we recommend a Short sleeve jersey with sleeves and an inner shirt below. [Captation Id = "Attachment_9281" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cyclists greeting Image: Pexels.[/caption] Before buying some sleeves, by the way, it is important that you check its adjustment. They are garments whose elastic fabric tends to give in, so it is not strange that they end up sliding over the kilometers. If you are especially sensitive to cold, you can equip yourself by a Long time manga jersey, with an inner shirt. As you can see, a TECHNICAL INTERIOR T -SHIRT It is recommended under any circumstance, since it allows to evict the sweat of the body quickly. The choice of the tissue and the thickness of the garment will obviously depend on the ambient temperature with which you go for pedaling.
Faced with the doubt, always choose to wear more clothes. If you dress based on layers, you can adapt your equipment on the fly, as the temperature rises.
We always recommend having a general guide or scheme due to temperature stripes. Surely you facilitate the work when choosing your cycling equipment in spring:
  • 5 - 15º C: Long -sleeved jersey with inner t -shirt.
  • 15 - 20º C: Long -sleeved jersey without inner t -shirt or short sleeve with sleeves. If you are not very sensitive to cold you can use only short sleeve.
  • 20 - 25º C: Short manga jersey. Summer equipment.


The Fine or halftime jacket It is a very practical garment for this time of the year, almost at the same level as the perneras or sleeves. Unless you are especially susceptible to cold, you should do without winter jacket. You can put this thinner jacket on the short manga jersey on fresh days with temperatures between 5 and 15 ºC. Or, even, as a third layer in especially cold mornings, above the jersey and the inner shirt. When you buy an entertainment jacket, make sure it is breathable and light. And if you have a Integral zipper That he opens completely, much better. [IRP posts = "6839" name = "cycling jackets: how to choose the right one and when to use it"]


Although it is not essential in your equipment, a oilskin It is recommended if you live in a rainy region. If the temperature drop is remarkable, the best choice is a waterproof jacket. If you do not have it, you can choose between two options: or entertainment jacket with jersey and inner shirt, or long -sleeved jersey, inner shirt and raincoat. Up to you. [Captation Id = "Attachment_7281" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Road cyclists with showers Image: Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels[/caption] Another useful garment is the vest. The best brands offer models with a good balance between impermeability and breathability. Likewise, it is a garment that will be useful at the beginning of your route. It is a light complement that barely occupies space. Therefore, it will be easy to save it when your body temperature goes up. [IRP posts = "4173" name = "guide to train by bicycle in the rain"]


With the arrival of spring, the Short gloves Of summer. Also the finest long in the case of practicing MTB. The hands are some of the most sensitive areas of the cyclist, so you do not skimp in their protection. Don't forget about long or waterproof gloves For cloudy days, with rain, or to protect yourself from the cold early in the morning. There are Licra, which offer a minimum of protection.

Accessories: Neck and head protection panties

Finally, do not forget protection in especially sensitive parts, such as neck and the head. To warm your neck, it is best to use a Braga thin that protects the minimum and is breathable. The neck is a sensitive area and putting on a winter panties (even spring) blocks the air flow, irradia heat both in the chest area, as well as the back and head. Cyclist with neck panties in winter To protect the head in spring, you can use a Bandana fine and breathable fabric. It is a very useful accessory for rainy days or cold mornings. As an alternative, you can put a cyclist cap Under the helmet, although this complement is usually less breathable. These are some of our suggestions. Now it's up to you: What is your favorite cyclist clothes to enjoy the bike in spring?
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