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Build and win gifts sharing cycling hobby

Build and win gifts sharing cycling hobby

Oh, Yeah! The career of cycling races arrives. With its presences and absences, the tour is the tour. And you know one thing? That in Tuvalum we want to march. We organize our particular Tour de France and we want you to participate with us: the Tour of Tuvalum. You can get great gifts. What does it consist of? How to take part? What happens if you participate? Here we tell you everything.

1.- What is this Tuvalum tour?

Share memories, opinions, reflections, experiences, dreams, aspirations ... The only condition is that they have to do with your fondness for the bicycle.

2.- How to participate?

You can participate through different social networks until Sunday, July 24 (including), the end date of the Male France tour.

Participate in Instagram and Facebook

  1. Follow Tuvalum in any of these networks: in Instagram, in Facebook, or in both.
  2. Go ahead Like either I like to the post where we talk about this contest: On Instagram, on Facebook, or in both.
  3. Comment on the post in these networks sharing a cycling thought.
You can participate as many times as you want; So you will have more options to win gifts. [Captation id = "Attachment_8187" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]TUVALUM TOUR You can take these and other gifts if you participate in the Tour of Tuvalum.[/caption]

Participate in Tiktok

  1. Follow the Tuvalum account in Tiktok.
  2. Go ahead Like To the video where we talk about this initiative: You can access from here.
  3. Comment this publication by sharing a cycling thought.

3.- What happens if you participate?

If you share Guay content, you can opt for great gifts. The three more sweet They will be delivered at the end of the Male France Tour: Three lots of Tuvalum products for our individual podium of the Tourum Tour. To designate the winners, we have an exceptional jury, authentic references in information and cycling entertainment: Daniel Race, Bikineros, THE GIRL OF THE PORTS And our partner José Mª Valdivia, head of sales of Tuvalum. Jury Tour of Tuvalum Among all, we will designate a podium of winners, whose result we will publish in the different networks on July 25, 2022. The awards will consist of great lots of Tuvalum products. In this link you can check the bases of the game. Dare to play ... And may luck accompany you, Tuvalumer.
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