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3 Mountainbike routes to go with family in Asturias

3 Mountainbike routes to go with family in Asturias

When you have children, your life changes. And often that means giving up or reducing your outputs by bicycle. But as they grow, you can change the routine of going out with the friends and grupeta partners to do it with your children. [IRP posts = "3371" name = "cycling and fatherhood: how life changes when you are a cyclist and you have a baby"] If you have children, you want to instill your same passion for cycling and live in Asturias, here are 3 Mountain Bike routes that you can do as a family. They are ideal routes to get the bicycle bug in the body while enjoying nature and a family day by magical sites. These routes of Mountain Bike They pass by tracks or green paths, without technical difficulty or large slopes to be able to perform them with carriers or cars. [IRP posts = "2047" name = "How to teach your child to ride a bicycle"]

The Bear Path

It is a beautiful route in the Trubia River Valley that takes place between forests, rivers, bridges and gorges. It is probably the best known family route of Asturias in the heart of one of the few places where the brown bear continues to survive in freedom. This path is built on an old railroad that was used to transport coal from Teverga and Quirós to Trubia, which ensures that if a train passed, there will be no large slopes or pronounced pending. The route starts in Tuñón and passes parallel to the Trubia River. At 5 kilometers we will find the Osero enclosure where we can see the two famous Paca and Molina (or mill) bears. If we continue along the path 4 km more, we will arrive in Caranga from below, where the path bifurca and we will have to choose which way to follow:

Rumbo to the Valdemurio reservoir

If we take the left direction, we will find a path with something more pending that will take us to the Valdemurio reservoir. It is a cool cool site with a recreational area and a bar with a view to the reservoir. This recreational area can be a good point to eat and then return along the same path to the initial point of the route.

Rumbo to enter

If we take the right path we will cross some impressive gorges to I enter, where there is an ideal recreational area to eat if we carry snacks. In the event that we have not cast food in the backpack, we will find several restaurant where you can eat a menu of the day to replace strength before embarking the way back.

To consider

The route, if it starts from Tuñón, always pee up. It is not much slope, but it is always on the rise. This is appreciated around, allowing us to return faster. If you are a problem put the bicycle in the car trunk to move to the starting point of the route, the path is full of companies with bikes, cars and armchairs to rent. [IRP Posts = "2324" Name = "How to correctly transport your bicycles in the car"] Be careful with the fences. The whole route is fenced, but there are areas where they are old and somewhat careless, in recent years there have already been several accidents.

The Alba Route

The Natural Network Park is one of the 5 natural parks of Asturias. It may also be the least known of all, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and has the addition of not that it is not massified. The Alba Route starts in the town of Soto de Agues, in the Council of Surrender. It is a route of about 14 linear kilometers: 7 River upstairs and 7 river below, which pass to the Vera del Río Alba, a tributary of the Nalón River, the longest in the Principality of Asturias. The tour takes place along a concrete track except for the last kilometer, which becomes a path. On this route we will enter a forest with gorges, a multitude of waterfalls and a lot of fauna. It is very common to see mountain goats for the rocky slopes of the other margin of the river.

Where to eat

At the end of the route you will have to look to eat. An option that children will not easily forget is the Molino Merendero del Alba. It is a restaurant where you must fish the trout that you will eat later. It is advisable to book before, because depending on the time of the year you may find it closed or only open on the weekend. And if what you want is to eat a menu of authentic Asturian homemade food or the typical lamb to the stake of the area (commission), it is best to take the car and in 10 minutes you plants at the Bar Linares restaurant (1 kilometer later to pass tanes direction in a case field). Few sites are in Asturias with better value for money, and they have some calluses ... Oh mom!

Queen's Fuso Path

The Queen's Fuso path is a 14 -kilometer route (7 -round and 7 -round and simple and simple in the Council of Oviedo. It begins in the Winter Park in Oviedo, where we have a completely paved 7 -kilometer path that passes through the old train tracks directed to Las Caldas. On the way we will find the old stations of the MANJOYA and FUSO of the Queen. Among the most prominent landscape attractions we will find beech and chestnut forests, rock tunnels, bridges (such as the spectacular centenary bridge of iron or the hanging bridge over the Nalón River), the Las Caldas spa and the Castillo de Priorio. And if we want more to also make a guided tour of the cave of the rain in prior.

Where to eat

To eat, without leaving the route much, we have halfway in Las Caldas the restaurant El Recreo de las Caldas, perfect to eat a menu of the day with Fabadina. And if we want to catch a good Futtura (Comilona), the restaurant of the Las Caldas Golf Club has a tasting menu with more than 15 dishes to return to Oviedo. (Images: Tourismasturias.es)
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