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19 declarations of love for the bicycle

19 declarations of love for the bicycle

Every June 3, the International Bicycle Day. It is the perfect excuse to declare infinite love to everything that has to do with the practice of cycling. Don't you think? But listen: for those who work in Tuvalum, any day is good to talk about cycling. For us, every day are the day of the bicycle. Not surprisingly, the bicycle is our reason for being, our way of understanding life.
The bicycle is our way of understanding life.
I hope the day comes when it makes no sense to dedicate a specific day. It will be the proof that we will have managed to normalize the use and enjoyment of the bike; that it is already part of all of us. Until then, keep the party. We also signed up! What 3 ideas come to mind when you think by bicycle? What is cycling for you? We have formulated this issue among our companions and these have been the responses of 19 of them. It is our particular way of celebrating the Bicycle day. Our tribute to cycling and the people who practice it.  

Ismael: "Summer afternoons seeing Indurain in the tour are part of the visual image of my childhood"

  1. I love bicycle as a means of urban transport and as an instrument to bring challenges and adventures to the limit.
  2. Summer afternoons seeing Indurain upload the mountain ports of the tour to the locomotive rhythm are part of the visual image of my childhood. Those crazy Chiappucci getaways, those frantic sprints of Abdoujaparov, Pantani's declines taking the curves to an open grave ... The epic of cycling has no comparison in the world of elite sport.
  3. One of the challenges I would like to do is turn Islandia by bicycle.

Álex: "I will never forget the routes in Zero Zone, in Aínsa"

  1. I will never forget the routes in Zero Zone, in Aínsa, with a snow mantle and with a lot of mud, there were moments that we spent a lot and we climbed the twins to the eyebrows. I also remember that bell return that put me on my site. And crossing rivers with friends ... It was special.
  2. I would love to make a long bike trip, I don't know if the return to the world is too ambitious (I think 🤣), but a few months with a clear origin and destination.
  3. Bike to work with the morning fresh and at the exit of the sun is to start the day very well.

Matthew: "Calm the mind and emerge the soul"

  1. If enjoying a day in nature with the gang was not enough, the sandwich and the gun afterwards end up hooking anyone.
  2. Formerly it was said that a squirrel could cross the peninsula without touching the ground ... Why not dream that within anything you can pedal without fear for a car?
  3. The freedom to travel the city and get to where your legs take you is a wonderful feeling. Calm the mind and emerge the soul.

Mario: "Bikes are spectacular precision weapons"

  1. In a world more and more fitness, what better than promoting mobility affects physical exercise, and on top eco friendly, helping to take care of the planet, and reduce the emission of polluting gases, which we miss.
  2. It would be very cool for people to know more in depth the engineering work that is bicycles, as they are spectacular precision weapons.
  3. In a society in which we carry such a frantic rhythm with a high level of stress, there is no better sport than to take Bicha and go with the group to lose you on the road or the mountain.

Claudia: "Help forget about problems"

  1. It is an outdoor sport, helps to dismiss and forget about problems.
  2. Help develop resistance, condition and strength in the legs :)
  3. It is a sport that helps you meet beautiful places and admire landscapes.

Santi: "I have some twins that look like rocks"

  1. Since I use the bike to move around the city I have twins that look like rocks.
  2. The jersey marks the abdominals better. If I could, I would go out with him at night.
  3. Advancing an electric scooter is something that excites me.

Theresa: "The road is the goal"

  1. The road is the goal. In my case, the lunch that awaits me at the end of a route;)
  2. What motivates me is the spirit of my group, no matter the distance or difficulty of the route. Together we can with everything.
  3. Since I go to work by bicycle, I have come to know the city and its corners.

Carlos: "Nothing like a bike route with the group"

  1. Lowering a mountain port is priceless, the best sensations you can have on the bike.
  2. Pedal until the legs can only wait for you a good lunch.
  3. Nothing like a bike route with the group; You can't stop doing kilometers.

Victor: "The bike means sport ... and lunch with friends"

  1. The bicycle is a healthy and green alternative to mobility.
  2. Sport and lunch with friends!
  3. Adrenaline and nature.

Fernando: "Bikers Gonna Bike!"

  1. I fond of the bike because I like to discover places where I could go to lunch 😄
  2. Gonna Bike Bikers!
  3. Work to Eat. Eat to live. Live to bike. Bike to work.

Travis: "I enjoy feeling the wear and tear of the tires in closed curves"

  1. Feeling the air when I make quick down makes me feel like I'm on a motorcycle.
  2. Feeling the wear of the tires in the closed curves makes me satisfaction.
  3. There is nothing better than good lunch after a hard route, with beers to hydrate.

Javier: "The bike allows me to explore magical places"

  1. The bicycle will make you want to leave classes Spinning.
  2. Start the route with the motivation placed in the mouth after with the group.
  3. It allows exploring magical places that our environment has and that we did not know that they existed.

Jaco: "I love feeling the wind in the face when you go down"

  1. I love seeing when the ports of the D'Italia turn go up.
  2. I think that if we all use the bikes more to move we could greatly reduce pollution.
  3. I love to feel the wind on the face when under the ports.

Juan: "That moment when you throw yourself for a trialera ..."

  1. I love to upload the port noticing that I can not more and wanting to give up, but get to the top and eat a snack larger than me.
  2. That moment when you throw yourself through a trialera and your mud glasses are filled and you no longer know if you go by bicycle, a mud river or about to fall.
  3. Smell of tire spent after going down a port.

Rubén: "The bicycle is the new tourist bus"

  1. Meet with a group of friends over the weekend to make a morning route on the mountain is priceless, especially if it is accompanied by a deserved lunch with sea views. There is no better plan for the weekend.
  2. The bicycle is the new touristic bus. For a few years, every time I visit a new city I rent a bicycle to travel its streets. Most European cities are Bike Friendly So it is very comfortable and sure to wander, breathing the essence of each neighborhood, even the least central.
  3. Going to work has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have said goodbye to the traffic jams, and the stress and frustration they generate. In fact, going to work is to travel a minimum of 140 km per month, which is an important happened for a more active and healthy life.

Xiao: "My father transferred his devotion to the bike"

  1. I like the feeling of belonging to my grupeta and all the Findes with them.
  2. I have never seen a person who excites both the world of bicycle and my father. Part of that devotion has transferred it to me.
  3. My dream is to have a range of range, such as s-works.

Diego: "I would like to escape places where cycling and legend is mixed"

  1. Although I practice all cycling modalities, I feel captivated by grave. That feeling of to surf on roads and clues, that sound pasty From the 40 mm wheels to every pill, that way of mimicing with nature ...
  2. Tour a stretch of the Strade Bianche in Tuscany, Santiguar me at the foot of the Sormano wall, lose myself in the embocades of Flanders ... I would like to escape those specific places that have contributed to the cycling becoming a legend.
  3. Postureo in cycling? Of course. I practice it, I defend it and I laugh at myself if necessary. Is what has a Globero... 😂

Javi: "I like to roll through the mountain with my breathing as the only background sound"

  1. What I like most about the bike is to be able to spend two hours through the mountain with the only background sound than your breathing.
  2. Contact with nature and the environment with the route companions make the practice of cycling addictive.
  3. The bike leads you to know unknown places when they are really very close to you.

Romain: "The bicycle is synonymous with freedom"

  1. The bicycle is synonymous with physical and mental freedom. It is knowing that you can go wherever you want. It is enjoying landscapes. It is escaping for a while of your daily life and clearing you. It is having the typical and beautiful tan of the cyclist. But, above all, bicycle is being able to enjoy a good lunch with your friends.
  2. Without a doubt, it is a fun and exciting way to do sports.
  3. Romain, 10 years, a monk of monk and a bicycle fall that I will remember all my life. That is bicycle: create unforgettable memories and anecdotes.
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