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12+1 ways to maintain motivation to go by bike

12+1 ways to maintain motivation to go by bike

As much as our love for cycling is infinite, let's admit that there are times when we look at our bicycle with some reluctance. It is normal. It may be difficult to maintain motivation to pedal throughout the year. Cycling is a demanding sport as close to enjoyment as suffering, physical or mental. Whether for laziness or because of bad weather, we know that fulfilling our appointment in the armchair is key to the improvement of our performance or, at least, not to lose the way irremediably. Does that sound to you No Pain, no gain? Well that. But of course, it's so easy to get carried away ... There comes a day when you don't feel like going out. And that day becomes a week, and the week becomes months. And that point comes, just thinking about resuming training becomes a toothache. You know what it costs to take the way and how easy it is to lose it. Therefore, motivation is an essential aspect in cycling. And that we are going to talk about. Next, 12 (+1) simple ideas or strategies to maintain your motivation and go out with the bike, even in the worst moments.

1. Get on the roller

You already know that training Indoor It is more fashionable than ever. Smart rollers, in combination with training applications, have transformed the way of understanding cycling in low season. If you have not tried it yet, you will mean an extra motivation to not stop pedaling, even if it is on a roof. Platforms like Zwift are fun. They allow you to compete with other connected fans, roll, complete plan plans and sessions, etc. They have an addictive component based on the game that will help you maintain the shape during the season in which to leave out there is not appetizing. [IRP Posts = "8781" Name = "Advantages of roller training"]

2. Sign up for a cycling event

[Captation id = "Attachment_8553" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]The girl of the ports, gold in the breakthrough. The girl from the ports, Ambassador of Tuvalum.[/caption] Although it is a measure closely related to the previous one, it is pertinent to highlight it, since it is one of the most effective formulas to keep your motivation at the same time for a prolonged period of time. Registering in a sporting test, or planning a trip with the bike anywhere, is an excellent way of not decaying in your bicycle outings. [IRP Posts = "2330" Name = "5 things you should look before choosing a cycling test"]

3. Give yourself a whim. Renew your bike!

Renewing your bike or your cycling equipment is a good acid to add an extra motivation for your outputs. Buy yourself here A reconditioned bike of Tuvalum 😊 And you will see how you find the motivation you were looking for. Guaranteed. Well, you can also work with something more modest: new socks, an elegant jersey, a newly installed potentiometer on your bike ... Everything that contributes to your pedal experience being more pleasant will encourage you to resume the activity. And don't decay, of course.

4. Look at goals, but planted short -term objectives

Running the Tour of France, winning the Cape Epic or going around the world can be very lawful aspirations that can motivate you. But they may seem distant. Therefore, it is important that inter -realistic steps along the way. Plant yourself daily, weekly or monthly goals. Make sure they are challenging, but attainable. All valid: reach certain power values ​​in an indoor session, achieve some kom/qom pending in Strava, travel a distance for a week, to ascend that port that seems impossible to you, lose some weight monthly ... All this are short -term objectives that will stimulate your motivation. The smallest and most attainable goals will help you feel a regular sensation of achievement.

5. Intégrate in a grupeta

Tuvalum equipment with road bike   There is nothing more motivating than counting the hours to meet with a group of people who share your passion for the bicycle. If going to your air is uphill, join a club or group of cyclists. The same could be applied to cycling Indoor. If getting into the roller is torture, sign up for spinning classes in your area. Giving pedals in company makes everything easier: camaraderie, good vibes and fun. What more can you ask? In addition, group outputs are not exempt from competitiveness. It is fun to play professional and give sticks from time to time. In addition, it benefits performance improvement. It will surprise you how far you can squeeze yourself on your training for the simple fact of pedaling in the company of other people. Going out in groups is an excellent way to find motivation in a more competitive environment. In addition, it is very practical if what you want is to prepare for a cycling event. [IRP Posts = "1126" Name = "Four tips to start leaving in a group with your MTB"]

6. Start with high intensities

There is a belief that winter is time for monotonous bike outings to the idle. But this should not be exactly so, since it is a routine that can be tired and demotivating. It is preferable that long -running runs for a little further, when the time is more bi -connional. Take advantage of winter to do just the opposite: short sessions at high intensities. In this way, you will face spring tightly and you will have time to train resistance. You will quickly heat during your sessions, you will notice improvement in performance quickly and spend little time outdoors. What does it sound good? [IRP posts = "9010" name = "pre -season training errors"]

7. Contract a professional

Having the help of a personal coach is always a good idea. Not only will you track your cycling training, but will program your activity without having to worry about this aspect. Having a training plan facilitates things and prevents you from being too turns to your head: you have to fulfill, and point. Know that you have another person watching Your movements is a good motivation. The appropriate cycling coach can guide you in your cycling goals, design a training plan that fits your goals and help you train more intelligently. A good preparer will help you your motivation not decay. Let's say, for the same price, you will also have a kind of psychologist. Something like that.

8. Flee from monotony

Are Until the cap of the bicycle? You can pass. Above all, when you train alone and travel again and again the same places. Try to introduce something new in your routine to stimulate your motivation. Train a little strength in the gym, go swimming, give it to Running For a few days ... A good way to find motivation is to change cycling habits temporarily. If yours is the road, try the MTB or the Grave; If you leave alone, join a group; If you have never trained in a velodrome, it may be the time. You have a thousand options. You will soon be looking forward to your comfort zone with the completely recharged batteries.

9. Look for new routes

Most cyclists use a handful of tours, for which we frequently pedal. It is something that can become monotonous and demotivator. Explore new routes to recharge your motivation. Test with tools like Strava to discover new Tracks close to home. You may get a pleasant surprise. Charg them in your cyclocomputer, and that's it! The fact of doing something a bit different is mentally stimulating and can inspire you to go out with the bike with renewed illusions. [CAPTION ID = "Attachment_9664" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Strava on a bicycle. Image: Jay Miller (UNSPLASH).[/caption]

10. Rest, physically and mentally

Paradoxically, a little motivation to go by bike is a way your body has to tell you: for and rest. You can be tired, overloaded because of an earlier, stressed training ... All this affects the energy available in your body to dedicate to your bicycle. You could also be on the verge of exhaustion or suffer from overcoming. In this case, you will need a break. If walking bike becomes a routine task, a mere procedure, it is time to open a parenthesis. Cycling should serve to enrich your life, not to torment it.

11. Train your skills

Given the lack of motivation, we propose to choose a cycling skill, focus on it and try to improve it. Instead of rolling faster and with the aim of accumulating more kilometers, you can try something different: choose a cycling discipline that you have always wanted to improve. Maybe it's climbing, or drawing curves, or accelerating your cadence, or improving your explosive strength ... whatever. Dedicate some sessions to practice issues where you see greater margin of improvement. You will become a more complete cyclist. Do you think little motivation?

12. Change the schedule of your departures (if you can afford it)

You may be losing the motivation to walk by bike because you go too early in the morning and your body does not follow you. Although getting up to pedaling has its benefits, your body may need (and ask you) more hours of sleep. In this case, the ideal is to go out in the afternoon, when you have already fulfilled your obligations and your rest regulatory. In addition, you know that when you get home you will no longer have excessively painful obligations. Tired cyclist

13. Remove yourself

Finally: If your motivation is to lose weight through cycling, then recharge all the calories you burn on each route may not be the best idea. But if the scale does not imply a problem for you, having a small incentive waiting in the fridge is not a bad idea. Of course, rewards do not have to be related to food and drink (although they are usually the best, don't you think?). Maybe it can be that cycling jacket that you have been wishing for some time, or gloves, or new wheels, or any other gift. But yes: try at all costs to win it with a good job about the bike. Choose an objective, set a reward provided and consideration. It is a good way to find motivation.
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