Born for competition and with an enviable success legacy, Look bicycles are among the most wanted by cyclists around the world. In Tuvalum you can get your new or reconditioned look at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Security and guarantees on each bicycle

We do not sell anything, each bicycle sold is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And we also give you 12 months warranty.

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Why choose a look look?

The iconic French manufacturer, has a great legacy in the development of new technologies and innovative applications that have allowed them to get innumerable successes both in the big laps, in the Olympic Games and World Championships. Therefore, Look bicycles stand out for their cutting -edge technology, performance, and quality. With a look you will be part of the legend of a brand that has marked the pattern in world cycling.


Founded in 1951 in Nevers, look began in the skis industry sector. After a ski accident of its founder, Jean Beyl, the company revolutionized the world of sport with the creation of the "anti-fracture", an articulated skiing that marked a before and after in the safety and performance of skiing.

In 1984, Look adapted his skiing to cycling thus developing the first automatic cove. This innovation changed sport forever, and established look as a disruptive force in the industry. It also allowed Bernard Hinault to conquer the Tour de France in 1984, and his teammate, Greg Lemond, in 1985.

Their approach to continuous innovation has allowed them to leave a lasting footprint in the world of cycling, with notable achievements such as the introduction of the first monobloque carbon picture, KG 196, in 1994.

Look has also been a dominant presence in the Olympic Games. In Atlanta 1996, track bicycles Look KG296 PKV obtained a total of six medals, four gold and two silver, in track cycling competitions. The winners of the gold medals were Florian Rousseau and Philippe Ermenault, both from France. And in those of London 2012, he finished with a total of 13 medals.

The culture of look of look is still alive in its current range of products. They have been pioneers in the development of bicycles and components that push the limits of design and efficiency, with a range that covers from road bicycles to serious bicycles.

The most outstanding models of look

Within the range of road bicycles, we find the 795 blade look. The French manufacturer's aerial model is the maximum expression of aerodynamic performance and efficiency. On the other hand, the 785 huez look is a bicycle designed for climbing, with a light design and precise handling. It is a perfect choice for those cyclists looking for excellence in steep climbs and mountainous land.

With all its road experience, Look has created incredible serious bicycles, such as the 765 Grave Look. This model combines the efficiency of a road bike with the robustness of a mountain bike, providing cyclists with the freedom to explore without limits.

Advantages of buying a reconditioned look bicycle

Buying a reconditioned bicycle is an excellent option fundamentally for three reasons:

The first is economic savings. Buying a second -hand bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum you get a saving between 20% and up to 60% compared to its new price.

The second reason is mechanical certification. You can buy a second -hand look bicycle from an individual, but most websites and apps of used products do not offer any guarantee about the state of the items that sell and you have to trust that a stranger does not sell you a bicycle with hidden damage . In Tuvalum all bicycles are reviewed and reconditioned by our mechanical team with 1 year mechanical guarantee and with 18 -month repurchase guarantee. In addition, our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles.

Another weight of weight to buy a reconditioned look is its sustainable impact. Being a bicycle that has already been manufactured, you save the environmental footprint that would generate a new bicycle. Did you know that manufacturing a bicycle generates a carbon footprint of 300 kilos of CO2?