Are you looking for the reliability of German design with a tailored price of your pocket? In Tuvalum you can get your focus bicycle at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Advantages of buying a second -hand reconditioned focus
Are you looking for a Focus bicycle at the best price? Do not look for more, your best option is to buy it reconditioned in Tuvalum. You save money, you get the best guarantees and contribute positively to sustainability.

Focus bicycles, born in Germany, are known worldwide for their quality, their attention to details and their commitment to innovation. Each Focus model is designed thinking about performance and comfort, whether you are looking for a road, mountain, serious or electric bicycle.

When you choose a Focus reconditioned bicycle, you can be sure that you are getting a quality bicycle. In Tuvalum, each reconditioned bicycle goes through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process before being put on sale. This guarantees that all our reconditioned Focus bicycles are in excellent condition and ready to roll.

When buying a reconditioned Focus bicycle, you not only save money, but also contribute to a more sustainable approach to consumption. Restored bicycles are an excellent way to reduce waste and foster a circular economy. When choosing reconditioned, you are choosing a greener future.

Why buy a reconditioned Focus?
Buying a reconditioned focus is to buy a reliable bicycle with the same guarantees as if it were conditioned is good for your pocket, good for your cycling habits and good for the planet.

Focus Bikes: A cyclocross myth
Focus Bikes is a brand linked to the world of competition from its origins. The company was founded in 1993 by the Derby Cycle Werke company in collaboration with Mike Klug, who had been Cyclocross World Champion in 1985, 1987 and 1992. Precisely Klugo himself played the 1993 World Cup and won the National Championship of Germany Pedale With a focus bicycle.

Klugo's experience in high competition along with the innovative character of Derby Cycle (one of the three bicycle manufacturers in Europe), made Focus set in a short time as a reference mark both in the Ciclocross segment and Off-road competitions.

Focus only took a year to put on the market its first range of mountain bicycles. In 1994 he released 6 models of Mountain Bikes. Since then the drip of news and modalities incorporated into its porpholio has been constant, extending the Know How of Ciclocross to the rest of the categories in which this German manufacturer is present.

Today the Machines of Focus Bikes cover virtually all lands, offering even a good assortment of bicycles for children and electricity. They work many versions and ranges and offer good performance on all surfaces.

Mike Klug was the first great athlete who competed with a bicycle out of the Focus factory. He opened the Ciclocross path that would follow the excellent cyclist Hanka Kupfernagel, who would end up being a world champion of this modality in 2005. In this way Focus Bikes has ended up being a very appreciated and extended brand among the specialists of this sport that is practiced in autumn and winter.

What innovations has Focus contributed to the bicycle industry?
Focus's road bicycles enjoy an elegant and fine line, in which technologies developed by the brand itself have intervened decisively, such as the carbon fork of its own design. These are forks made of one piece and guarantee a total absorption of the impacts caused by the irregularities of the firm. In addition, some touch -ups in the picture provide greater comfort and better driving.

In mountain bicycles, Focus stands out for its triple thickness paintings, which offer greater efficiency in the absorption of irregularities effectively at the same time that are lighter. It is a specific technology of the German house, as well as the internal wiring that saves suffering to the mechanics of the Mountain Bikes of Focus.

What cyclist teams have Focus bicycles?
Focus has also worked a good path in road cycling. In 2011 it was Joaquim Rodríguez's bicycle at Katusha, with whom he was about to win to Spain. Focus Bikes has also been an important part of French cycling by equipping the AG2R - La Mondiale. The German firm has been with Jean-Christophe Peraud and Romain Bardet on their podiums of the Tour de France the years 2014 and 2016, being seconds in both cases.

Focus bicycle offers at the best price
The Focus mountain bicycle offer is very wide. If you are looking for a mountain electric bicycle, we recommend a Focus Jam2, in our online store you can get a 20% to 60% discount compared to its new new price. Focus Thron is also an excellent option, both in its electrical and muscular version, to shoot by technical paths and practice the purest trail.

On the road, Focus Izalco Max offers an excellent combination of speed, aerodynamics and lightness. And if what you want is to explore new territories by forest tracks and serious sections, Focus Atlas is the ideal choice.