Precision and quality at its expression, BMC has created some of the most outstanding models of the last decades. In Tuvalum you can get your BMC bike reconditioned at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Best security and warranty guaranteed on each bicycle

Each bicycle we sell is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And the bike has a 12 months warranty.

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Why choose a BMC bike?
BMC bicycles, arising in the heart of Switzerland, are famous for their innovation, quality and design. Either for road, triathlon or mountain cycling, the brand offers a range of bicycles with impeccable finishes and the most recent technology. BMC's commitment to the use of high quality carbon and unique designs makes them favorite both professionals and between fans.
With BMC, he is not only buying a bicycle; He is investing in a piece of excellence in engineering backed by a history of passion and prestige. His dedication to performance and innovation ensures an unmatched driving experience.
BMC, three decades by manufacturing the most advanced bicycles.
Founded in 1986 as Bicycle Manufacturing Company, BMC has become a leading name in the cycling industry. Originally it was an American brand, its transformation in BMC Switzerland marked a new era of innovation and prestige. Under the sponsorship of Andy Rihs, the company invested in precision engineering to develop and manufacture its own carbon fiber to create bicycles that stand out for their quality and design. The relocation in Switzerland and the association with the Phonak team played a fundamental role in redefinition of the brand.
The prominence of BMC in competitive cycling with the BMC Racing Team, winning world championships in teams and houses champions such as Cadel Evans and Greg van Avermaet, highlights its commitment to excellence. Its investment in mountain cycling equipment and triathlon demonstrates a diverse approach to sport. The transformation of distributor to manufacturer, their bold response to the challenges and their continuous search for innovation make BMC history a narration of resilience, ambition and success.
The most prominent models of BMC
Are you looking for a road bike that combines performance, lightness and rigidity for high -level competitions? Choose the BMC Teammachine.
Do you dedicate yourself to triathlon and need an aerodynamically optimized machine, specifically designed for counterreloj and resistance? In that case, we recommend the BMC Timemachine.
Do you want a mountain bike designed for XC that perfectly balances agility and stability with a light and efficient picture? The BMC Fourstroke is the perfect option for you.
Advantages of buying a reconditioned BMC bicycle
Buying a reconditioned bicycle is an excellent option fundamentally for three reasons:
The first is economic savings. Buying a second -hand bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum you get a saving between 20% and up to 60% compared to its new price.
The second reason is mechanical certification. You can buy a second -hand BMC bicycle from an individual, but most websites and apps of used products do not offer any guarantee about the state of the items that sell and you have to trust that a stranger does not sell you a bicycle with hidden damage . In Tuvalum all bicycles are reviewed and reconditioned by our mechanical team with 1 year mechanical guarantee and with 18 -month repurchase guarantee. In addition, our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles.
Another weight of weight to buy a reconditioned BMC bike is its sustainable impact. Being a bicycle that has already been manufactured, you save the environmental footprint that would generate a new bicycle. Did you know that manufacturing a bicycle generates a carbon footprint of 300 kilos of CO2?