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Enjoy every kilometer asphalt with our road bicycles of the best brands: Specialized, Trek, Giant, Orbea, Cannondale, Scott ... You are already a cyclist who is looking for speed, performance or exciting experience in every pedaling, in Tuvalum we have The perfect road bike for you.

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Second -hand road bicycles, reconditioned and with guarantee
If you are thinking of buying a road bike, in Tuvalum we offer you a wide variety of models that you can buy at a click. In addition, all our second -hand road bicycles are reconditioned and has the Tuvalum certified label, which guarantees that they have overcome the most complete inspection and a unique quality control in the market. We carry out a thorough review, cleaning, grease, we change pieces if necessary and our mechanics ensure that each reconditioned bicycle meets the same safety and quality requirements that the European Union requires new bicycles. That is why Tuvalum is nº1 in Europe and that is why buying a road bike with us is an intelligent decision.

Types of road bicycles
Road bicycles are lifelong bicycles and are designed for those looking for speed, performance and exciting experience in the asphalt. However, there are different types of road bicycles based on their geometry and the type of use for which they are designed. When choosing, it is important that you take into account what your sports goals are and the type of routes you are going to do.

Racing bicycles and climbers
Racing or climbing road bicycles are the heirs of classic competition bicycles, those of a lifetime, those that have flooded roads for decades on the Tour de France, the Tour of Italy or the cycling return to Spain. They are bicycles designed to roll quickly and agile on mountain roads. Uploads, drops, curves ... As a general rule they are very light and reactive bicycles, precisely to facilitate the promotions in mountain ports and gain agility and control in high speed and those drawn in curve. They practically adapt to any type of road use and are the most popular.

Bicicletas Grand Fund
Biciclets of great background are designed to travel long distances. They are bicycles with a more relaxed and ergonomic geometry than those of Racing type or climbers. In other words, they are indicated to roll comfortably in very long days both in distance and in hours pedaling on the asphalt.

Aero bicycles
Aero -type road bicycles are aerodynamic machines to fly on the asphalt. It is a bicycle segment where the most important thing is to take advantage of each pedaling to roll as quickly as possible. Their paintings usually have aerodynamic lines to reduce air resistance during progress. They are usually used in short and flat stages where the most important thing is to roll at a fast and continuous pace, with sprints. That is why they are very practical for short and Olympic triathlon tests.

They are also more expensive, since for their manufacture they are usually used lighter and high resistance materials. That is why buying a air -type road bike reconditioned in Tuvalum is an excellent option. Not only do you save money, but you have the confidence that it has been reviewed by the best mechanics and is guaranteed by our Tuvalum certified label.

Tips for buying a road bike
When choosing a road bike you should not only take into account the type of use you are going to make and, therefore, the bicycle typology that fits your goals and needs. It is also important that you take into account other elements such as the exchange rate, the material of the box or brakes. In road cycling you can find bicycles with zapata brakes or disc brakes. Decent with one or the other not only depends on the braking power or yield, but also the budget since disc brakes are usually more expensive. The same thing happens with the exchange rate: Mechanical vs. electronic. Road bicycles with electronic change groups provide a more precise and even configurable transmission and are excellent for cyclists of an advanced level, since it is the exchange rate used in the world of competition. It also reduces maintenance and breakdowns due to the absence of cables. Mechanical change groups require greater maintenance, but are cheaper.

Finally, the pictures of road bicycles are usually made mostly in carbon or aluminum. A carbon bicycle is more expensive, but as a general rule it is also lighter and more efficiently absorbs asphalt irregularities, providing a more comfortable and precise driving. Road bicycles with aluminum box are usually reserved for initiation ranges or medium ranges and are excellent for cyclists who are starting in this sport or simply those that have a more content budget. This is why buying a reconditioned second -hand road bike is a great decision, since you can access higher carbon, electronic change and disc brake models at a price between 30% and 70% lower With respect to buying it new.

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