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Yeti Bike Race: cycling and adventure in the heart of the Himalayas

Yeti Bike Race: cycling and adventure in the heart of the Himalayas

Seven stages, 240 kilometers on high mountain roads and 7,000 meters of accumulated positive slope. These are the ingredients of the Yeti Bike Race, a one -week cyclist adventure in the heart of the Himalaya. It is a marathon test in stages that combines cycling, adventure and tourism through the so -called Annapurnas Tour in Nepal, the most mountainous country in the world with eight peaks that exceed 8,000 meters of altitude. One of the attractions of the Yeti Bike Race is that it crosses the highest cycling mountain passage on the planet, the Thorong la, at 5,416 meters altitude. But despite the hardness of the land and the vertigo high, it is not a test that has a marked competitive character, but combines the demand for mountain cycling with adventure tourism. The stages do not exceed 45 kilometers of travel, with the aim that they can be completed in a time of 3 to 5 hours. In this way, participants can have free time in the afternoon to do tourism, visiting the spas, glaciers, Buddhist monasteries and picturesque villages in the area. Another of its attractions is its variety of natural ecosystems and climates, since as the participants rise in each day they pass from one climate to another: subtropical, rainy forest, alpine, Arctic ... The Bike Race Yeti is held annually in September. The first edition took place in 2018. The test is organized by the Spanish company Geo-Planet, specialized in the organization of events related to cycling and background sports. For Apollo Esperanza, organizer of this Alpine test, "every day is an adventure in which you can find a spared bus, a yak passing by you, a waterfall that addresses the road .... you go up between water cascades and glaciers , crossing you with yaks or muflones and, in the background, seeing several eight. "


Although the Yeti Bike Race crosses high mountain roads to more than 5,000 meters of altitude, the organizers do not consider that it is a test reserved for high -level cyclists. "Anyone who practices Mountain bike can be carried out, since the stages are 3 to 5 hours." Thorong's mountain pass is carried out neutralized, to avoid the evil height of the participants. Before arriving at this stage, the route is designed so that cyclists gradually acclimatize to rolling in height. Are you prepared to participate in the next edition? If you need a mountain bike to enjoy this or other tests, visit our section of Trail bicycles. (Images of the images: geo-planet)  
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