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Fast Tour of France 2022 guide not to miss detail

Fast Tour of France 2022 guide not to miss detail

From July 1 to 24 there is no talk of anything else. The France Tour 2022 And we tell you in Tuvalum, of course ... This year's novelty is, without a doubt, the transfer of the Grand Départ to Denmark. Actually, it is a pending debt to the Scandinavian country, since Copenhagen was going to organize the departure of the Tour in 2021. But the Coronavirus and the coincidence with the Tokyo games forced to postpone it. Such a deployment has led to the organization of the Tour a advance the departure to Friday, 1st of July. An exceptional decision, which allows a day of margin to reorganize the operation of return to French territory. This translates into an extra rest day for runners. They will be three in total. The cycling caravan will enter France through the north. In the land of classics, we will attend the show of the cobblestones, until the encounter with the mountains of the Vosgos. From there, to Alps; And from the Alps to Pyrenees, going through the Central massif. The Tour 2022 will travel all the mountain systems of France.
Throughout its 3,300 km, the Tour will visit this year all mountain solids in France.
In summary: 3,300 km, 4 countries (Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and France), five finals in six mountain stages, six stages for sprinters, seven broken or half mountain stages, and two stages against the chrono. A bit of everything. We have elaborated a guide To be clear what stages you can't miss and which can you take advantage of for a nap? Here are the Keys of the Tour de France 2022.
📺 Surely you are interested. Here we offer you a snack: in this video, the gathering around the Tour 2022 that we have mounted with some of the greatest experts in cycling information. Highly recommended. [embed] https://youtu.be/2sm3k0x2zra[/embed]

The Tour 2022: the most interesting stages

Let's go with the calendar of Stages of the Tour de France 2022. We include the most interesting aspects to follow the day race. Do not escape any details!

Stage 1, Friday, July 1: Copenhagen> Copenhagen (13 km CRI)

Five years ago the tour was not started with a time trial. The last time was in Düsseldorf (2017), where Geraint Thomas won and Valverde suffered a terrible fall that was about to end his career. They will be 13 km through the streets of Copenhagen. Perfect route for Filippo Ganna to look yellow, with the permission of the Roglic, Kung, Pugačar ... without being a especially long chrono, it will make differences of a minute or minute and a half in favor of the specialists.

Stage 2, Saturday July 2: Roskilde> Nyborg (199 km)

Second day in Dinamerca, in which the wind could be a determining factor. In addition, it is a stage with trap in its final stretch. Cyclists travel the Great Belt, a gigantic 18 km bridge in the Baltic Sea that joins the two parts of Denmark. A place where the wind blows strongly for more than 300 days a year. It is very possible that we attend scenes of great nervousness in this section, since the squad could break at any time and some surprises could occur. Do not miss the last kilometers.

Stage 3, Sunday July 3: VEJLE> SONDERBORG (182 km)

Last stage of the Danish territory on the eve of the first rest day, forced by the transfer of the caravan to France. Be that as it may, the massive arrival is the most likely option. It could be a good day for a desktop nap, also taking advantage of the fact that it is Sunday. 😴 🥱

Stage 4, Tuesday, July 5: Dunkerque> Calais (172 km)

The Tour enters northern France to unite two first -order port locations: Dunkerque and Calais. Without being of an extreme demand, the route is uncomfortable, sown of repeches and exposed to the wind in many of its sections. The nervousness inside the platoon can be the protagonist again. If the rain appears, frequent in the area during this time, it could play a destabilizing role. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 4

Stage 5, Wednesday, July 6: Lille> Wallers-Arenberg (155 km)

As often happens in this tour, the best of the stage is saved for the end. The arrival in Arenberg inevitably moves us to the Paris-Roubaix. The cobblestones return to the tour after 4 years of absence. Points this stage: July 6. They will be 20 km in the field, distributed in 11 sectors and concentrated in the final 75 km. Five of them have never been part of the tour of the tour or the Hell of the North. Cyclists will not cross the mythical Arenberg forest, authentic symbol of the spring classic. A stage where luck could play bad passes and disrupt the options of a favorite. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 5

Stage 6, Thursday, July 7: Binche - Longwy (220 km)

Incursion in Belgium with the longest stage of this edition of the Tour de France. In principle, it would be of the expendable, except for its final explosive. Connect to the retransmission to see the last 10 km, where they have placed a couple of dimensions in the purest style of the classics. In particular, a wall of 800 meters to 12%, just 6 km from the arrival line. A goal located, in addition, after kilometer and a half slope close to 6%. That said, an end to Classicómanos. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 6

Stage 7, Friday, July 8: Tomblaine> The Super Planche des Belles Filles (176 km)

First exam for note in the heart of the Vosgos. For sixth time, the Tour caravan arrives at La Planche del Filles Filles. A climb that will always be remembered as the place where Pogačar destroyed Roglic in his portentous chrono of the Tour 2020. Its 7 km to almost 9% have always provided a good show, in any case. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 7

Stage 8, Saturday, July 9: Dole> Lausanne (184 km)

Final at the third of third category. The race enters Switzerland and ends in Lausanne, in front of the Olympic stadium. The stage is rugged (2,500 m of positive slope is already a considerable figure). But the good reaches the end. An explosive arrival for good auctioneers, but with sufficient hardness so that one of the favorites is given by play. They are just 5 km to 4.6%, but with a final stretch with slopes of up to 12%. An urban end that will be difficult to manage. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 8

Stage 9, Sunday, July 10: Aigle> Châtel (193 km)

The stage begins next to the UCI headquarters. After a walk Through the mountains of Lake Leman, the Tour caravan returns to France through the Rhone Valley. A insulso start will give way to the first point of true interest. It will be 70 km for finishing, with the ascension to the Croix Col, first category. A port to harm, but with a long descent that removes the desire for solo adventures. The traca It could be unleashed in the Pas de Morgins, another first port with a stretch of 12 km to 7%. It is crowned 10 kilometers for the end, but it is a trap. Before the finish line, and after a minimum descent, cyclists must climb to them by Soleil. Just 4 km of uploaded climb, but can be made eternal. Let's not forget that the stage is long, so the end can be very exciting. Tour de France 2022 - Stage 9

Stage 10, Tuesday, July 12: Morzine> Megève (158 km)

After the day of rest comes the attack on the toughest stages of the Alps. But before a short day, like almost all mountainous stages of this year, and with ports of those going to Rueda. The stage seems predestined for secondary actors. The final climb is long, with more than 21 km of travel, but offers breaks and the slope is moderate, without exceeding 4% of the average. Do not expect much of this day. Especially, taking into account the next two alpine stages. It will be a wear day, yes. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 10

Stage 11, Wednesday, July 13: Albertville> Col ​​de Granon (149 km)

The return to Col Du Granon is one of the good news of the Tour de France 2022. It was the end of the stage in 1986, with the victory of the Spanish Eduardo Chozas. With its 2,413 m, it became the highest peak in which a stage of the tour ended. It will be a fire test for the candidates for the final triumph. Not only for its tremendous numbers (11 km at 9%), but also for the previous ascent of the telégraphe-galibier chain. In total, more than 4,000 meters of positive slope in just 150 km. Ideal for a combat zafarrancho. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 11

Stage 12, Thursday, July 14: Briançon> l’Alpe d’Huez (166 km)

Bastillla Day, National Festival in France. And to celebrate it, nothing better than a stage with a legendary end. It will be the 31st occasion when the Tour reaches The Mountain of the Dutch. It is the day of Alpe d'Huez: 14 km at 8% and 21 curves that remind the winners at their summit since 1952. It will not be the hardest increase, but one of the most mythical and crowded in the public. The stage does not have a flat kilometer and runs previously through the Croix de Fer colossus (almost 30 km above 5%). The stage is a copy of the disputed in 1986. Hinault and Lemond, then teammates in La Vie Claire, crossed the goal in the lead and caught hand. In the end, Lemond became the first American cyclist to get the yellow jersey on the tour. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 12

Stage 13, Friday, July 15: Bourg D’Aisans> Saint-Etienne (193 km)

After the emotion of the alpine stages, a day of tranquility is foreseen. If you have important issues to be resolved, this stage may be the ideal pretext to attend them. Surely, you will not miss much. Although we are not responsible for the consequences ... 😁

Stage 14, Saturday July 16: Saint-Etienne> Mende (195 km)

Classic route Comanche and Ratonero by the hills of the central massif. There are no important increases, but the dimensions occur to accumulate 3,500 meters of positive slope. The stage is long and heat is usually intense in this area of ​​France. An ideal cocktail for a burst at the last climb (croix neuve), which is crowned shortly before entering the finish line; An explosive ascension of 3 km to 10.4% culminating in the local airfield. An climb that always offers show. We still remember the victory of Purito Rodríguez in 2010, and that of Omar Fraile in 2018. Who knows if this year we will attend some fainting among the favorites to triumph in Paris. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 14

Stage 15, Sunday, July 17: RODEZ> CARCASONA (200 km)

It is predictable for some collaboration between teams to control the race, since it is the last opportunity for sprinters before the Pyrenean stages. A priori, it looks like a transition day, but the land is Eyeous And many runners will try to look for good getaway. Let's not forget that the Tour faces its final stretch and the teams without victories begin to get nervous. If you expect a great show, this may not be the ideal stage. So you know, a perfect Sunday to go on an excursion and forget about the tour for a day. 😂

Stage 16, Tuesday, July 19: CARCASONA> FOIX (179 km)

After the last rest day, the Tour faces the Pyrenean stages. And he does it with a first snack in the form of a half mountain stage. After 115 km seemingly insuls, the stage becomes a subbaja on the way to Foix. In the last 50 km two first category promotions follow each other; The second of them, Mur de Péguère, is crowned at 30 from the finish line. A Sir Port that should be the authentic judge of the day. From there, fast descent to finish line. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 16

Stage 17, Wednesday July 20: Saint-Gaudens> Peyragudes (130 km)

Fifth and final high end of this edition: Peyragudes. A stage of only 130 km. A stimulus for a platoon that will reach this day with very fair forces. Not to vary, stage with two distinct parts. A first half without any difficulty and a second perfect for A fireworks castle, without a single plain km and with four ports chained from the town of Arreau: Aspin, Hourquette d'Ancizan, Val Louron and the arrival in Peyragudes, first category. Attention to promotions, but eye to goals, which today are complicated. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 17

Stage 18, Thursday, July 21: Lourdes> Hautacam (143 km)

The arrival in Hautacam will be the last chance for climbers in this Tour de France. The race may be resolved at this point. I hope it is not so, since the design of the stage is perfect for a pickle. Not only because of the hardness of the three ascents, but also for the mileage, which invites the battle from the first port: the Col d'Aubisque, one of the greats in the history of the tour. The last time the Tour arrived in Hautacam was in 2014. A unbelieving Nibali would settle his advantage in the general classification. In between, the least known Col of Spandelles, but more than remarkable hardness. If they were forces, the stage could be devastating. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 18

Stage 19, Friday, July 22: CASTELNAU-MAGNOAC> CAHORS (189 km)

Everything that is not an end to the Sprint will be a surprise. Ideal stage for your nap on the couch.

Stage 20, Saturday July 23: Lacapelle-Marival> Rocamadour (40 km CRI)

Final counterreloj of considerable distance, if we refer to the current trend in big turns. It could make important differences, but less than when the forces of the runners are intact. At this point on the tour, let's say that many are already of withdrawal. The tour is uncomfortable and get here without the homework Facts can be a problem. Hopefully it will be like that! In the final stretch, cyclists will face two climbs. The first, 1.6 km to 4.7%: nothing serious. But the second, coinciding with the goal in Rocamadour, can be made eternal if some energy has not been saved. Ascent to the center of the town has almost 2 km at 6.2 %. Without a doubt, an agonizing effort to finish a very hard time trial. Tour de France 2022 - Profile Stage 20

Stage 21, Sunday July 24: Paris-La Défense> Paris-Camspos Elíseos (112 km)

Triumphal walk through the streets of Paris. The Sprint is guaranteed, as well as the final ceremony of tribute to the victors. When everything ends, a huge feeling of vacuum will invade you. What will you do now that the Tour de France is over? Well very easy: hook you to Female France Tour, which begins just today: from July 24 to 31. Are you going to miss it?  
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