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We invite you to the bike party: Festibike 2022

We invite you to the bike party: Festibike 2022

After a summer giving pedaling, we started September with the party. Yes yes! This year we participate as exhibitors at the Festibike Cycling Festival, from September 9 to 11, 2022 (Las Rozas Fairgrounds, Madrid). You know, one of the reference events within the bicycle sector. We are waiting for you in the Stand C-23It has no loss. We will love to greet you. We will tell you news from Tuvalum, but we have also prepared Activities to pass it from film. And with a luxury participation. Ojito with the menu that we have prepared for you.

What activities have we organized for you with YouTubers?

We have organized some Cycling Charlets With very good vibes and a bike outlet To share cycling passion and get a laugh: the first Tuvalum cycle. In both cases, with the presence of well -known faces of cycling on YouTube and social networks.
  • Saturday, day 10, 12.30 pm: How to upload mythical ports and survive to tell you on YouTube. Charta starring the successful Ester Iniesta, the girl from the ports, Ambassador of Tuvalum. Place: Festibike Forum. Approximate duration: 30 minutes.
  • Sunday, day 11, 13.00: How to petar him on YouTube giving pedals and eating cachopo. Charta starring the well -known bikineros. Place: Festibike Forum. Approximate duration: 30 minutes.
[maxbutton id = "2" URL = "https://tuvalum.typeform.com/to/ibsnnvqz" text = "ok, I feel like going" Window = "new"]   How about? Guay, right? Well there are more. Saturday, day 10, in the afternoon (5:00 p.m.), we will celebrate our first Tuvalum cycle. An exit calm In bike (suitable for MTB and Grave) where we will share pedaling with cycling cracks on YouTube: bikineros and the port girl. You have more details of the Tuvalum cycle below. If you want to go to any of the events, enter here. In this way, it will be easier for us to organize everything to your liking. We are running it to the fullest. [maxbutton id = "2" URL = "https://tuvalum.typeform.com/to/ibsnnvqz" text = "I sign up!" Window = "new"]

Tuvalum cycle with bikineros and the girls of the ports: are you aiming?

We are going to take advantage of Festibike 2022 to do what we like the most: to walk by bike in good company. Well, said and done. We invite you to the first Tuvalum cycle (Suitable for MTB and Graso) in the company of some of the youtubers with the most pulling the cycling panorama in Spain: Bikineros and Ester Iniesta, known in the cycling world as THE GIRL OF THE PORTS.
  • Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
  • Modality: Suitable for MTB and Gravel.
  • Where: We will remain in the pine Las Rozas Fairgrounds (Madrid), but a tad later, on the other side of the road and next to the roundabout. You will locate us perfectly. Here you can get a more precise idea.
  • Route: We have designed a suitable route for any cyclist in reasonable physical form. Little more than 20 km and 360 m of unevenness. Ideal for release legs.
  • Important: It will be a non -competitive march; It is an encounter with people with whom we share a cycling passion. There will be time for laughter, charlet and photos, of course.
Do you dare to participate? If you sign up here, Guay. In this way it will be easier to organize everything. We will send you the Briefing detailed of the cycloque, with the route and useful instructions. In addition, we will give you tickets to the fair if you are one of the first people to sign up. We have a few waiting for you. [maxbutton id = "2" URL = "https://tuvalum.typeform.com/to/ibsnnvqz" text = "I sign up!" Window = "new"]  
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